East Anglia's Leading Surveyor is Pleased to Announce the Launch of Their New Website

Mija Survey Ltd is pleased to announce that its new website is now up and running. The company has been providing surveying & engineering services in East Anglia and London for the last five years and has expanded rapidly during that time due to its acquisition of new and improved technologies. Their new website now incorporates all of the company’s recent changes into it as well as showing the full range of their services and the areas of the country in which it operates.

The company’s project manager, Romanas Apanovicius, says, “Looking back on the 5 years we have been in business it’s pretty amazing to realize all of the changes and improvements that we have made to our company in that short amount of time. Unfortunately, these changes took place so rapidly our website was no longer totally reflective of everything that we now do. That meant we had to take the time to design an entirely new website that better described the services that we offer. It was also decided to go ahead and make this new website much more user friendly than the old version was. We could not be more pleased with the website that our tech provider produced for us which was done using much input from key company employees and even some of the suggestions we have gotten over the years from our customers. So far our customers that have used the new website have had nothing but good things to say about it.”

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The company project manager stated that not only has the information on the company’s services been updated on the new website but the website is now more visually appealing too. The text on the pages has been trimmed down without compromising its content and the pages are not overcrowded with photos and other visual enhancements. The drop-down menu choices have also been streamlined to help their customers get to the specific information they want on the company in a much faster manner. He says contacting them was also made simpler with the positioning of the ‘request callback’ form right at the top of the new website’s homepage.

According to Apanovicius, the company’s website is not the only informational source on the company that has been greatly improved. He stated that Mija Survey's LinkedIn Page has been updated with more current information on their services too.

Apanovicius went on to say that such things as the launching of their new website and LinkedIn page improvements were undertaken to show their customers and prospective customers that they are by no means a typical land surveying company. They are committed to using the latest technologies that are available to bring their clients more accurate results in less time than these customers thought was possible. He mentioned that the clients they serve in East Anglia consist of architects, designers, planners, property developers, civil engineers, land agents, construction professionals, and local authorities. The project manager went on that very few surveying companies in the area can match their expertise when it comes to site engineering and setting out work. They do such services as using GPS & TS to produce highly detailed topographical maps and they also offer excavation-free underground utility surveys that are created through the use of ground penetration radar (GPR). One of the most advanced types of surveying technology that is done by the company is 3D laser scanning using state-of-the-art Leica P40 scanners. They even offer some limited photogrammetry services that take advantage of drone technology. He also stated that as new surveying technologies come into the marketplace, they will quickly add them to their service inventory.

The company project manager also stated that they are committed to forming strong, long-term, working relationships with their clients and they will continue to do such things as the launch of their new website that reflects this commitment. Those who would like to know more information about Mija Survey Ltd.’s services can refer to their new website and additional information on the company can also be seen on their Facebook Page.


For more information about Mija Survey Ltd, contact the company here:

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