EarlyBirds: The Open Source Innovation Ecosystem That's Helping Universities Stay Ahead of the Curve

EarlyBirds, an open source innovation ecosystem for speeding up technology adoption and advancement in a business, is helping universities align their curriculum based on emerging industrial innovation. Textbooks are usually several years old, which means there is a gap between university academic education and the needs of industries. The result would be an university graduate who is not familiar with the current state of technology in businesses. For instance, with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning now being used in most industries, if the university curriculum is not updated, college graduates will be working in companies using AI but the new employee hardly knows anything about it, assuming they do get hired.

EarlyBirds’ open innovation system, which is a business to business (B2B) platform, where early adopters, innovators, and subject matter experts (SMEs) get together with the result that early adopter businesses are able to accelerate their technology adoption programs. To participate in the innovation ecosystem and benefit from quicker innovation, businesses can take part as an early adopter through https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter.

Aside from working closely with businesses, innovators, and SMEs, EarlyBirds is collaborating with faculty members, education leaders and influencers in colleges and universities to help solve the widening gap between the current state of technology in industries and the college curriculum.

With businesses accelerating their adoption of new technology, by allowing them to connect with innovators, the universities curriculum is being left behind, which is why EarlyBirds decided to take the initiative to help colleges and universities bridge the gap between industry and academia. EarlyBirds is in a good position to do that because of its expertise in the identification of emerging technologies and industry trends. Over five million innovator companies have already tracked by the EarlyBirds open innovation ecosystem. Meanwhile, innovator companies who join EarlyBirds find it much easier to commercialize their innovative solutions. Start-up, scale-up or mature organisations, can become part of the EarlyBirds system by going to https://earlybirds.io/en/innovator.

They want to emphasize that universities partnering with EarlyBirds allows the education leaders and faculty members to integrate industrial innovation into the curriculum, which offers improved employability of graduates and promotion of entrepreneurship. The industry insights and connections that colleges and universities can develop will help them remain up-to-date with regards to advancements in technology use in industries. Various colleges and universities have already benefited from collaborating with EarlyBirds. They have experienced various positive results, including enhanced industry collaboration that has improved the employability of graduates, better student engagement, and more successful student placements.

The EarlyBirds system is unique in that it enables collaboration between SMEs, industry leaders, and innovators. Colleges and universities working with EarlyBirds are able to respond to calls to make sure that students graduate with various skills and aptitudes that enable them to be ready for the workplace and able to tackle “real world problems.” One solution for this is industry engagement. It is also important to have an industry oriented curriculum to foster a learning environment where all students are challenged to improve their practical, intellectual, and social skills while focusing on socially responsible behaviour, leadership, and lifelong learning. EarlyBirds is encouraging colleges and universities to explore the possibility of collaborating with EarlyBirds to improve their curriculum based on technological innovations for industries. More information can be obtained by visiting the EarlyBirds website or by calling them on the phone or communicating with them through email.

EarlyBirds is a provider of an open source innovation ecosystem that allows innovators, early adopters, and SMEs to work closely with the goal of driving entrepreneurial success for innovators and accelerated technology adoption by early adopters. EarlyBirds allows innovators to commercialize their innovative solutions by giving them strategic guidance, access to various kinds of resources, and helpful industry networks.

Faculty members and education leaders who are interested in collaborating with EarlyBirds to enhance their curriculum to ensure that it is based on industrial innovation can visit the EarlyBirds website at earlybirds.io or contact them on the phone or via email.


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