EarlyBirds Innovation Ecosystem Helps Disruptive Tech Startups and Scaleups Find Early Adopters Quickly

EarlyBirds Marketplace is pleased to announce that they can help disruptive tech startups and scaleups or Innovators find Early Adopters quickly. Innovators can use the EarlyBirds Open Ecosystem to get their solutions to market and commercialize to develop their strategic advantage.

By subscribing to the EarlyBirds platform Innovators become part of a global open ecosystem consisting of three pillars: startup, scaleup and mature Innovators, Early Adopters private and public sector businesses and Subject Matter Expert consultants. When an Innovator joins the EarlyBirds platform they not only have a choice of subscription options, but they also gain visibility to other subscribers and users of the platform.

The various types of EarlyBirds subscriptions include Basic, Entrepreneur, Explorer, and Enterprise subscriptions.

The Basic subscription is free and it allows the user to login and list one innovation, challenge or service and then search and discover listed challenges, services, and innovations. This is a great way to get started and learn more about how to become an active EarlyBirds.

The Entrepreneur subscription allows users to search for and list several innovations, services, or challenges, including a search for global innovators from a big data pool of 1.1 million innovations that displays 10 results at a time. Users can also buy or sell innovations and offer a response to any particular challenge.

The Explorer subscription allows access to everything in the Entrepreneur subscription plus an unlimited search for global Innovators, including access to the weekly disruptor webinars. Innovators subscribing to the platform are invited to participate in the webinars plus their solution in marketed on the EarlyBirds YouTube Channel, LinkedIn, the EarlyBirds website and media channels.

The Enterprise subscription is designed to cover the Early Adopter enterprise rather than an Innovator but this is also applicable to Innovators if they want to use across the enterprise without any user limitations. Users get access to a subject matter expert and can seek additional support when and as needed. Pricing is based on the size of the enterprise and the services required to support innovation programs.

There are many advantages for Innovator startups and scaleups in subscribing to the Early Birds global open innovation ecosystem that includes the potential to: partner with their ideal Early Adopter customers; increase revenue; comprehend the business challenges; increase their speed to market; obtain access to Subject Matter Expert consultants; scale up their go to market strategy; reach out to the appropriate customer personas; stay ahead of most of the other disruptive and contemporary innovators; and showcase their technology for funding opportunities

Those who would are searching for early adopters for their disruptive innovations may want to check out the Early Birds Marketplace website or contact them via email.


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