EarlyBirds Crosses 2 Million Innovators and Launches New Branding

Australia based EarlyBirds is delighted to share that they recently crossed the 2 million plus threshold for Innovators on their platform. In celebration of this milestone and the world-changing projects the platform has already witnessed since its inception, EarlyBirds is reaching out to share more insight on their mission and values. With this, EarlyBirds has also launched its new branding, check their website https://earlybirds.io to know more.

Innovators make up one third of the platform’s unique method of combining disruptive solutions from various fields into a cohesive whole (with the purpose of supporting innovation across the board). Innovators, as EarlyBirds explains, includes startup, scaleup and mature companies who take real world problems and develop solutions. The EarlyBirds platform allows Innovators from an incredibly diverse variety of fields and specialisations to offer their innovative solutions to others in need. In some cases, Innovators may have already developed solutions for problems they identified on their own, and interested parties who search the marketplace will be able to find these solutions quickly. Should the solution in question need to be customised, the two parties can negotiate for this as well.

Conversely, Innovators may simply offer their capabilities, displaying a portfolio of their capabilities on the platform and browsing through the challenges other members have posted. Here, they can offer their skills to develop a solution from scratch if one does not already exist. EarlyBirds simply exists to make it easier for these parties to find each other and connect via a dedicated medium.

EarlyBirds consists of more than Innovators, however. Their membership also includes those the platform identifies as Early Adopters and Subject Matter Experts or Consultants (SMEs). Early Adopters may be considered the counterpart to Innovators. This is due to the fact that Early Adopters are the people and organizations who decide to place their trust in the capabilities of the platform’s Innovators. Early Adopters are the ones who also bring fascinating array of business and technical challenges to solve.

Intriguing though these problems may be, EarlyBirds is quick to point out that many of the challenges their Innovators are tackling today will likely have a great impact on the shape of the world tomorrow. From new green energy systems to strategies on sustainable growth, the platform is home to many projects and opportunities that can potentially lead to a paradigm shift in their respective industries once realised. There are immediate advantages as well — EarlyBirds explains that many of their Early Adopters approach Innovators for help reducing costs, improving efficiency and building better customer solutions, all of which can have a demonstrable impact on a business’ current operations, not just their plans for the future.

EarlyBirds often refers to ‘actionable innovation’ in this context, which is innovation that can be put into practice today. The goal of the platform is to foster a community that disrupts the industries they work in and ushers in new technologies that offer benefits to all parties involved.

The platform acknowledges that this is a monumental task, and building a global membership of like-minded, forward-thinking participants is not without its obstacles. Early on in its inception, the EarlyBirds team realised that additional expertise would be needed to ensure that all coordination between Early Adopters and Innovators would always remain on track. EarlyBirds enables parties from vastly different backgrounds, fields and industries to interact with each other, so there are certain situations where a gap will exist between two partners simply as a result of their divergent specialties. To address this, the platform has a third type of member: Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

An SME’s goal is to facilitate the relationship between an Innovator and Early Adopter, particularly if they are collaborating on a project that requires a multidisciplinary approach. SMEs work closely with Early Adopters to help them define a challenge or opportunity then identify which Innovators would contribute most to their project at any given time. This guidance is an ongoing process and as a project matures, so too will the SME’s recommendations.

The platform is particularly excited about their recent 2M plus Innovator milestone because this represents a vast pool of innovation capability for Early Adopters and SMEs to get involved with. The more Innovators standing by to show the world what they can do, EarlyBirds says, the more likely it is that their efforts will bear disruptive solutions that propel their respective industries forward.

Earlybirds.io offers its members a community that understands what they need and actively works with them to bring their vision to light. Tomorrow’s solutions are currently being developed through the EarlyBirds platform, and interested parties are invited to sign up today to make their own contributions or seek out others who can help them achieve their own goals.


For more information about EarlyBirds, contact the company here:

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