Dyer News Announces 25 Best Personal Finance Articles of 2020

Dyer News, based in Huntington Beach, CA, has announced the top 25 personal finance articles of 2020. The editors at Dyer News reviewed personal finance focused articles and posts from websites throughout the US looking for those that were considered interesting and deserving of more recognition. The result is a list of 25 articles considered to be the best of 2020 covering a wide range of personal finance related topics.

The Dyer News Editor says, "2020 was a challenging year to say the least and that was certainly reflected in a number of the personal finance articles that were written. With that in mind, our choices for the best articles of 2020 contained lessons specifically related to the challenges this past year presented as well as articles that focused on more timeless advice that you can use in 2021 and beyond."

One example of the best personal finance articles of 2020 is titled, “Hidden 401(k) Fees No One Talks About,” by Andrea Joy and published on the Saving Joyfully website. In this article, Andrea reveals certain fees that come with 401(k) plans that are rarely discussed. This is important because these plans are often used by individuals to save for their retirement and are usually sponsored by employers.

In the article, “The War Between Delayed and Instant Gratification,” that was published on the Peerless Money Mentor site, the author focuses on the struggle that individuals have to undergo when faced with the urge to buy something but realize that there is a need to save money. According to the author, this is actually a tug of war between instant and delayed gratification.

Meanwhile, the article, “It’s Okay to Be in Debt, Just Not Okay to Stay in Debt” that was posted on the Financial Pilgrimage site explains that being in debt is not always a bad thing. There are situations when taking on some debt for a short period of time can be beneficial. And it is actually remaining in debt for a long time that can be the problem.

In the article, “Recession, Coronavirus and the Future of FIRE” published in the Our Next Life website, Tanja Hester explores how the financially independent have been faring during the recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic. She also explains how the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community can learn from the crisis.

In a related article published in the Money by Jake website, Jake looks at the potential ways the COVID-19 pandemic will affect people’s money habits in his article, “Predicting 5 Ways the Coronavirus Will Change Money Habit.”

In the article, “Unpopular Opinion: Why Automating Your Savings is Overrated” in the Teachers Talk Money site, Rachel Scott points out that automated savings actually has some disadvantages.

In “Does Frugal Have A New Normal?” posted on the Mr. Tako Escapes website, the author explores the impact of the expected “new normal” after the pandemic on frugality. The author observes that many of the frugal habits that they have used in the past to save money have been adopted by most people like working at home, cooking meals at home, cutting their own hair, and doing housework. Mr. Tako points out that it is actually a good time to enhance a person’s frugal habits. People can make lifestyle changes and nobody will likely criticize them for doing things differently.

In “My Superpower to Help You Save Money” published on the Mr. Jamie Griffin site, the author points out that for some people, saving money is very difficult such that they consider saving as requiring some kind of superpower. Fortunately, there may be a solution to allow people to gain that superpower.

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