Dry Star Restoration Offers Emergency Asbestos Removal in Phoenix

Dry Star Restoration, a company based in Mesa, AZ, has announced that they are offering emergency asbestos removal in Phoenix and neighboring areas. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and are not visible with the naked eye, cannot be smelled nor tasted. Furthermore, they don’t cause any immediate symptoms, which means that people may not be aware that they are inhaling or swallowing asbestos fibers. Asbestos fibers in the body will never dissolve and the body will have a hard time expelling them. Over time, these asbestos fibers in the body can cause inflammation, scarring, and ultimately, genetic damage to cells in the body.

There has been an increasing number of asbestos lawsuits in the US due to the finding that asbestos dust may be linked to lung diseases, such as mesothelioma. More than 100 companies have already filed for bankruptcy as a result of such lawsuits and litigation. The problem is that many buildings in the U.S. that were erected before 1980 contain asbestos and building materials that contain asbestos. In addition, the actual removal of asbestos-containing materials may be dangerous as this can release asbestos dust into the air, and sometimes a better option would be to just leave them alone. It is for this reason that there is a need for the services of certified asbestos abatement professionals, who know best what to do for a particular situation.

Home remodeling contractors in Phoenix are one of the industries that do emergency asbestos removal since they are likely to encounter asbestos-containing materials in the old home that they have been tasked with remodeling. This is important because many homes were constructed before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had issued restrictions on asbestos. If the asbestos fibers are disturbed during the home remodeling, this will cause exposure. Even modern homes may contain asbestos because of the overturned ban, but homes that were constructed before the middle of the 1980s pose the most risks.

Some of the places in the home that may likely contain asbestos include: flat roofing materials; insulation around HVAC ducts, furnaces, and pipes; older vinyl and linoleum tiles and the glue used to adhere them to the floor; caulking and glazing for windows; decorative plaster; outdoor siding; and drywall patching and joint compound.

The asbestos abatement professionals from Dry Star Restoration will know how to identify, contain, or remove asbestos from the home under renovation. The risks of asbestos exposure would be too great for those who are untrained to try to perform asbestos abatement by themselves. Licensed asbestos abatement professionals from the company can identify materials that are likely to contain asbestos, do some tests, and deal with it safely.

It should be noted that Dry Star Restoration can offer other related services for homes in Phoenix, Mesa and surrounding areas. These include water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, storm repair, sewage cleanup, cleaning, and remodeling. Water damage usually results from a flooding disaster. They will use moisture detecting tools to find where the water has migrated and get those areas properly dried. They will also perform repairs on any structural damage caused by water. They will also make use of advanced techniques for preventing swelling, warping, delaminating, and buckling in water-soaked materials.

Mold remediation is a related service to water restoration services because mold growth tends to significantly increase in areas with water or moisture. The problem with molds is that they release spores that contain allergens and mycotoxins, which are potentially toxic chemicals. Sensitive people who touch or inhale mold or mold spores may suffer from allergic reactions. It should be noted that dead or alive, molds can cause an allergic reaction in a number of people.

The mold remediation experts from the company will inspect the home for visible signs of mold and use a number of advanced gadgets to detect mold and hidden sources of water. They will then use certain methods to prevent mold from spreading in the home. They will then use air filtration equipment to remove mold spores from the air. And finally, they will clean the various areas that contain mold and then restore damaged materials.


Those who are looking for 24/7 asbestos abatement contractors in Mesa and Phoenix, Arizona, may want to check out the 24/7 asbestos abatement contractors in Mesa website of Dry Star Restoration, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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