Dry Star Restoration Offers Asbestos Abatement in Phoenix Arizona

Dry Star Restoration, a remodeling contractor and restoration services company based in Mesa, AZ, is pleased to announce that they are offering services for asbestos abatement in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Asbestos is a material that was commonly used in houses and buildings for fire prevention and retardant measures until it was discovered that asbestos dust may cause lung problems. This led to the emergence of statutes and regulations to prevent further use of asbestos and to specify the proper way to get rid of asbestos in home and buildings. Asbestos removal companies also were established to properly get rid of asbestos products in the home or building without endangering people while doing so.

Homes and buildings that were constructed before 1980 are expected to contain asbestos-containing products. At that time, asbestos proved to be a relatively inexpensive method to provide fire protection and insulation for buildings of all kinds. The health risks posed by asbestos were already known well before the 1970s but it was only after the number of lawsuits has grown substantially that asbestos product companies realized that the financial cost of such lawsuits far outweighed the profitability of their business.

Dry Star Restoration provides various kinds of construction-related services in Phoenix and surrounding areas and one of these services is asbestos abatement. The presence of the asbestos fibers requires the services of professionals who have been trained in their identification and safe removal. Homeowners should avoid attempting to remove asbestos products from their home because their removal may actually pose more risk than just leaving them untouched. There is a high risk of people getting exposed to the tiny floating asbestos fibers, which is why asbestos abatement should only be done by a certified asbestos removal service.

Aside from asbestos abatement, Dry Star Restoration also offers other services like water damage restoration in Phoenix. This is a vital service for homes and buildings that have been flooded for whatever reason. The professionals from Dry Star Restoration will employ moisture detection equipment that will tell them where the water has migrated. All of the areas with water are properly dried and cleaned and any damages to the house structure are repaired or replaced. They will also use advanced methods to avoid damage caused by swelling, buckling, warping, and delaminating. And because of their timeliness and professionalism, mold, odors, and other health issues can be avoided.

In relation to their water restoration services, they also provide mold remediation. Mold growth is often found where there is water or moisture and the temperature is warm enough. This is why water restoration is recommended as early as possible to prevent molds from multiplying in humid, damp, and wet environments. Nevertheless, if mold growth is found in a home or building, a mold remediation service can get rid of molds, which produce allergens and toxic chemicals, known as mycotoxins. Molds produce spores that can float in the air and may get inhaled by people, possibly causing allergic reactions.

Dry Star Restoration also offers fire restoration services for homes and buildings that have been damaged by fire. The first 24 to 48 hours after the fire is a window for effective recovery. By providing an effective emergency response, Dry Star Restoration may quickly stabilize the building and ensure the recovery of as much property as possible. It is important to act quickly because the smoke damage and the acidic soot can cause corrosion and further deterioration for building parts and essential belongings, such are furniture. The dry chemicals used to put out the fire and any toxic smoke odor have to be neutralized to prevent further damage and avoid health issues.

Aside from the restoration and abatement services, Dry Star Restoration can also provide home renovation and remodeling services. The company is a bonded, licensed and fully insured remodeling and renovation contractor in Phoenix and surrounding areas. They can do both interior and exterior remodeling.

Those who are interested in remodeling contractors in Phoenix and neighboring areas, including restoration and remediation services, may want to check out the Dry Star Restoration website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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