Dry Brush Set Provider Announces New Website and Having Been Featured in a TV Show and National Magazines

ZEN ME, a company that offers body and skincare bathroom accessories, is pleased to announce that they recently launched their new website and that were featured on the national magazines US Weekly, Yoga Journal, and Allure, The Beauty Expert. They were featured on the Today Show, which demonstrates that they are a nationally recognized brand, with regards to bathroom accessories. One example of these products is the VITALITY Dry Brush Set, which can be obtained through Amazon.com.

Emily Barns, a spokesperson for ZEN ME, says, “We are very excited and proud of having been featured by these national magazines and theToday Show. This shows that our brand is now a nationally recognized brand in our niche of bathroom accessories. In addition, we have just launched our new website with its new look and feel of being elegant, clean, and classy. We have also ensured that our site has been provided with the latest updates and that it is mobile responsive.”

Dry Brush Set

The ZEN ME products are all based on the idea of natural exfoliation, which is an effective approach to beautiful skin that offers the advantages of being chemical-free, simple, and inexpensive. The ZEN ME VITALITY Dry Brush Set allows people to follow a health and beauty practice of ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Romans, have used. This dry body brush is 100 percent natural with its long curved cut boar bristles and a long-curved brush handle that fits the contours of the body.

The ZEN ME dry body brush allows people to eliminate dry and flaky skin, enabling the skin to “breathe” through the unclogging of the pores. Dry brushing is an easy way to get rid of those old skin cells, allowing the skin to absorb moisture better and look less wrinkly and appear plumper.

The dry body brush may also help those who are suffering from swollen legs or feet. Dry brushing the body may help in providing fast relief from swelling or water retention through the activation of lymph flow and circulation. And by stimulating the lymphatic system, dry brushing may be used as a powerful detoxification tool, which is the reason why it may help in decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

It should also be noted that the oils and residues that tend to accumulate under the skin, tend to cause blackheads, ingrown hair, and itching. By exfoliating the skin with a dry brush, a person may benefit from the faster skin renewal and the skin will appear younger naturally.

This body brush has been featured on the Today Show as part of Elle Macpherson’s top beauty secrets for keeping her body young looking even after 50. The ZEN ME dry brush set was also featured by Allure magazine for being included in the Best of Beauty Products for 2020.

The ZEN ME body brush is made from 100 percent natural boar bristles and sustainably farmed, polished Lotus wood. This dry brush set also includes exfoliating gloves that are made from nylon, a pumice stone from natural lava stone, and a konjac face sponge made from natural plant root.

In one of the recent customer reviews, Brittany P. gave the dry body brush kit five stars and said, “Absolutely love the entire kit. The dry skin brush is amazing, you’ll see a huge improvement in overall skin within a week. And the stone for feet works magic. I use it usually every day or every other day in the shower, followed by some coconut oil, and my feet are baby soft, never dry or peeling anymore. The charcoal face sponge is great too. And the exfoliation gloves are amazing. Some gloves I’ve had in the past are barely exfoliation worthy, too soft. These are the perfect texture. I recommend this kit to anyone.”

Those who are interested in learning more about ZEN ME and their bathroom accessories for body and skincare may want to check out their website at https://www.zenmenaturals.com/.


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