Drug Rehab Service States Its New Website is Helping It Cope With an Unusually Busy Summer Recovery Season

Rehab Near Me, a popular drug and alcohol rehab center locater service, is now helping more people find addiction treatment centers for themselves or loved ones than ever before. This is even proving to be true during the slower summer period where typically fewer people seek out drug rehab treatment services. Those at this service report that instead of the usual May drop-off, drug rehab inquiries have remained steady throughout May and June. An event that is undoubtedly fueled by the extra stress and strain caused by the pandemic and is leading to an alarming number of drug and alcohol relapses.

This is also the reason why the launch of rehabnear.me's new website is proving to be so vital. It has enabled them to keep up with this unusually high volume of seasonal requests for their services. It’s also something that those at this helpful service feel will make it even easier for those that visit them to find a nearby rehab center for themselves or a loved one. The new website launch was an event that was even highlighted in a recent press release. This press release stated that the new full-featured website offers an extremely user-friendly experience and its simplified menu gets site users to the rehab information that they are seeking very quickly. It also provides more ways than ever before to contact Rehab Near Me for rehab assistance. This includes new phone and instant messaging choices. The newly launched website provides details on such rehab services like 30, 60, and 90-day treatment programs and how there are specialized treatment services geared towards students, Christians, and those that prefer to rehab in luxury accommodations. It also describes both their inpatient and outpatient services and talks about how their patients benefit from professional, intensive, compassionate, and around-the-clock rehab treatment services that they offer.

Among the highlight features on the new and improved website include a map of rehabnear.me locations. Those that refer to this map will see that this service offers rehab options in every single state in the continental USA and even Alaska. That means it does not matter whether the site user is from large cities such as New York, Atlanta, and Dallas or lives in an isolated location in Utah or Montana, they will be able to use this site to connect with a drug rehab center near their location. Once a site user finds their state on the map, they simply click on that state’s Rehab Near Me icon to get information on drug rehab facilities that are close by to them.

The newly launched website also provides more information about what inpatient alcohol & drug rehab is and what people can expect to get from this form of treatment. It describes inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, also sometimes referred to as residential rehab, as one of the most comprehensive drug treatment options that are available. The newly launched website also refers to it as one of the best drug and alcohol rehab options because of how focused it is and how it offers benefits that outpatient rehab clinics simply can’t provide. It was also discussed on the website how the rehab facilities that Rehab Near Me is associated with focus on the mental health issues that often go hand in hand with drug and alcohol addiction. Also discussed is what those looking to get help with substance abuse disorders can expect from a Rehab Near Me associated treatment center. One of the most important of which is that it provides a distraction-free environment where there are absolutely no ties to a rehab seeker's old life; something that can help jumpstart the process to recovery. In the new website, it also discusses how these inpatient treatments centers also treat people not only as a patient but also a welcome guest. Their programs also go after the root cause of someone’s addiction and help teach them ways to cope and thrive after their inpatient treatment is completed.

Those that would like assistance finding a drug rehab center near them can refer to this service’s newly launched website or visit RehabNear.Me on Facebook.


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