Dream Dance Studios Offers Dance Classes In Lakewood

Colorado-based Dream Dance Studios would like to announce that they will be offering dance classes in Lakewood. The dance studio offers classes for students of all ages, starting from two years old to 15 and beyond. Their classes are designed to be taken for a full school year and are meant to teach each student all about the various techniques and skills that go into dancing.

The classes begin with Creative Movement, which is meant for children between the ages of 2.5 and 5. “Do you find your child dancing around your living room?” the Lakewood dance studio asks. “Does listening to up-beat music make them smile? Then Creative Movement is the class for them. This 45-minute class is about getting kids moving and grooving, while working on other life skills. The instructor will work with students on their listening skills, as well as working on how to interact with other students in a structured environment. Expect your child to come out smiling as we explore their creative side. Ballet, tumbling and basic dance vocabulary will be included in this class.”

The school has a large number of other classes that include Combo Hip Hop/Tap and Ballet/Tap for children between 4 and 6, Ballet 1 for children between 6 and 9, Contemporary for ages 8-10, Turns and Leaps for 9 to 14 year olds and much more. Dream Dance Studios caters to a wide range of interests and ages and is open to anyone looking to explore their love for dance. The studio’s goal is “to create a place where students become technically strong in the art of dance, while they learn and grow in life,” and the school has been successful in helping many dancers of all ages develop their skills.

The school is owned by Megan Owens. Owens discovered her love of dance early in life and began dancing at the age of five. She later danced as part of a competition group in high school, started assisting dance classes at 15 and, by 18, she was teaching her own classes. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management in addition to an Associate’s Degree in Art with emphasis in Dance. Owens has studied under many great instructors, including Stacey Tookey, Allison Holker and John Crutchman, along with many local teachers in the Denver Metro Area. She has also attended the Boulder Dance Workshop for teachers and is always looking to learn more and develop as a dancer.

The Studio’s teachers are all incredibly passionate about teaching and dance. They love their work and all have a very healthy respect for the art of dance — which they go to great lengths to share with their students. Dream Dance Studios’s teachers care deeply about their students and will always make an effort to attend their students’ dance performances. The health and safety of students is incredibly important to them as well, and anyone looking to learn to dance in Lakewood can be sure that they are in safe hands at this academy of the performing arts.

“There are plenty of dance studios in the Denver Metro Area, all of which have their own unique vision,” the Lakewood dance studio says. “There are many reasons to choose us. Dream Dance Studios is more than just dance classes. We strive to create a space where students and parents always feel welcome. A place where students learn more than just dance but also many life skills. We teach leadership, teamwork and confidence. Dream Dance is a community. We are creating a space where people are supportive of each other inside and outside of the classroom. We hope that our students and parents forge friendships that last a lifetime here.”

Dream Dance Studios wants to share the love of dance with the Lakewood community. The studio is professionally run, and one can expect to find a well-organized dance community with both direction and vision at Dream Dance. For more information on the Lakewood dance studio, visit their site at the following link: https://www.dreamdancestudios.com/.


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