Dr. Jon Thomas Establishes a Mental Wellness Lighthouse

Dr. Jon Thomas is excited to announce a digital lighthouse initiative to add light and hope to many who are crashing on the rocky shores of the Covid pandemic.

Covid-19 is an unrelenting, chronic three-pronged phenomenon decimating lives, lively hoods, and the very fabric of many communities.

Recent media reports have revealed that front-line healthcare workers are being stretched to the limits of their personal and professional capacity resulting in emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a diminishing sense of self-accomplishment.

Within minority communities, the situation is exasperated as the additional challenges of healthcare access, stigma of mental health issues in particular, and the church with limited resources compound the situation.

To combat these hurdles, Dr. Jon Thomas is introducing a bi-monthly Facebook live event to bring timely tips and respond to general questions from the online community.

By nurturing an easily accessible social channel, Dr. Thomas hopes to bring key mental wellness tips for consideration, and remove the stigma of tackling mental health issues over time.

“Why not treat cognitive ailments with a mindset like one would treat a physical ailment?” he stated.

The initial show will be launched on October 11, 2020 at noon. This Facebook channel can be found here.


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