Dr. Jeff Youngquist Is A Dentist Who Loves To Fix Patients’ Smiles In American Fork Ut

Dr. Jeff Youngquist of Palisades Dental, American Fork, UT, has been gaining the reputation of being the dentist who loves to fix patients’ smiles in the city of American Fork and neighboring areas. He has been practicing dentistry for more than 10 years. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, he has focused on practicing pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and implants. That is why he can treat patients of any age for whatever dental issue they may have. His favorite activity is fixing front teeth because of how this can restore patients’ smiles and confidence. More about this can be gleaned from https://palisadesdentalutah.com/our-practice/.

Dr. Youngquist says, “At Palisades Dental, we are the number one family dentistry practice in the American Fork, Highland, Lehi, Cedar Hills, Orem, Vineyard, and Pleasant Grove, UT, area. Along with being the region’s most family-friendly dentistry practice, we also boast of Spanish speaking staff. Our team of dentists is committed to maintaining your oral health while also increasing your confidence through an improved smile. We make sure that each patient in our office feels comfortable from the time he or she steps in until the dental service is complete. If you’re looking for a ‘dentist near me’ in American Fork, don’t hesitate to call us.”

Dr. Youngquist provides various dental procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, wisdom teeth removal, teeth cleaning, dental examination, dental x-rays, and more. At Palisades Dental, they advise people to visit the clinic every six months for preventive dental care treatment. As part of their preventative dentistry services, they will perform a routine checkup that includes but not limited to thorough dental exam, teeth cleaning, and dental x-rays. They also want to point out that it is a good idea to schedule preventive dental care appointments at the “dental office near me” in American Fork every six months because it allows them to create a custom-tailored plan to help that particular patient achieve and maintain long-term good dental health.

They want to stress that they will do everything possible to ensure that patients are comfortable and aware of all the things that are happening during their dental appointment. Before the dentist will do any work inside the patient’s mouth, a dental hygienist will inquire about the patient’s medical history, such as if there have been any new medications prescribed, if there have been any changes in the patient’s health such as pregnancy, and more. The team needs to be aware of any medical or health concerns to provide better treatment and prevent any incidents from happening.

The first part of the routine checkup will be teeth cleaning, to remove any built-up plaque and tartar and any food particles that are clinging to the teeth. The dental hygienist will then provide the teeth with a smooth and shiny finish. After the teeth have been cleaned, a dental examination will be performed to determine if there are any potential problem areas, such as tooth decay. Dental x-rays will also be performed to check if there are any problem below the mouth’s surface.

The dentist at Palisades Dental can also provide emergency dental services. This is for the treatment of any dental abscess, chipped teeth, broken teeth, knocked out teeth, or simply a toothache that won’t go away.

They can also provide dental crowns, which can be made available within the same day. This is because they use state of the art equipment, such as the CEREC machine that can be used to produce the crown within the same day. They can also provide patients with composite dental fillings that are not only durable but also attractive.

Those who are need of a family dentist and those who are interested in learning more about the family dental services offered at Palisades Dental may want to check out their website at https://palisades-dental-american-fork-ut-dentist.business.site/, or contact them through the telephone, or via email. This family dentistry office is open from Monday to Wednesday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and on Thursdays, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


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