Dr. Gorman Discusses Breast Cancer Risks

Dr. Valerie Gorman at the Texas Breast Center released an article to her site discussing the risk factors that can contribute to the possibility of a person getting breast cancer. The article, titled Breast Cancer Risk Factors, makes it clear that none of the factors discussed are direct causes of breast cancer but can raise the risk of getting the disease.

These risk factors are divided into two categories: those that can be controlled or in some way affected by someone trying to reduce their risk and those that cannot be controlled. Those risk factors that cannot be altered include a family history of breast cancer, age and gender, and the ages at which menstruation and menopause started. These can all contribute to a person’s overall risk of getting breast cancer. Some risk factors can be moderated throughout a person’s lifetime, however. These include common health factors like diet, alcohol intake, and physical activity levels, as well as the use of some oral contraceptives and the use of hormone replacement therapy, or HRT.

Dr. Gorman advises that everyone, “speak with [their] doctor. […] Once you and your doctor are familiar with your breast cancer risk level, you can set up a plan for your next steps.” This plan should include regular self-breast checks and breast cancer screening, such as mammograms or breast MRIs, on a regular schedule.

Dr. Gorman and her team at the Texas Breast Cancer are always available to help with any questions about breast cancer risk, preventative steps, and the process of breast cancer treatment. She advocates for the informed patient, always providing critical information to those who need it to help people in this difficult time in their lives.


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