Dr. Cherye Roche Is Offering Foot Orthotics Services At Gait Doctor Custom Orthotics in Auckland

Gait Doctor Custom Orthotics in Auckland, New Zealand, is encouraging clients to find out more about its professional orthotics services. The centre is headed by Dr. Cheyre Roche, a Doctor of Chiropractic and biomechanist with over two decades of experience in resolving pain and creating wellness.

Dr. Roche graduated with a degree in kinesiology (the study of human movement) and exercise physiology from the University of Washington (USA). She has also earned a certification as an athletic trainer (A.T.C.). She used her experience as a student-athlete to understand how Chiropractic, physiotherapy, podiatry, and orthotics can work to solve problems that those with active lifestyles face. She later served as an intern at the U.S. Olympic training centre in Colorado Springs (USA). She then worked as an exercise physiologist in the fitness industry sharpening her skills and training people from all walks of life. Her private current practice focuses on spinal health, sports injury care, the resolution of chronic complaints, functional biomechanics, custom orthotic therapy, and performance enhancement by optimizing functional movement.

Gait Scan Technology

Dr. Roche also has a flair for teaching. She was invited to join Bastyr University of Natural Medicine in Seattle, Washington, as an adjunct faculty member. She later took on a full-time post as an assistant professor at The University of Western States, Portland, Oregon. She also lived in the UK where she worked as a senior lecturer at the University of Surry - European Institute of Health and Medical Science.

Dr. Roche is located in a multidisciplinary clinic in Albany, Auckland. Her practice as The Gait Doctor focuses on the provision of custom functional orthotics. As a practitioner, she combines functional biomechanics, exercise, rehabilitation advice and orthotic therapy to offer each patient a unique care plan. Her centre is one of a select group of clinics nationwide that uses the state of the art advanced biomechanical analysis technology Gait Scan.

The centre says that many common problems such as ball-of-foot pain, foot arch pain, heel pain, shin pain, knee pain, degeneration, grinding, swelling, osteoarthritis, leg length inequality, weakness, spondylosis, hip pain, low back pain, and even scoliosis, can be helped or even resolved by addressing the underlying biomechanical faults. Gait Scan is used to assess the patient’s gait and then Dr. Roche uses her years of experience to prescribe custom orthotics treatments to help the patients achieve the balance required to allow healing of aches and pains.

When starting treatment at the centre, first the patient is put through a focused biomechanical physical examination regarding posture, foot function, leg length, and other relevant assessments. Then the patient is asked to walk across the gait analysis pressure plate to assess the dynamic movement of their foot whilst walking and in motion. The results of the scans are printed for the patient to take home. The results from the physical examination will be compared to the gait analysis reports and will be discussed with the patient. Then depending on her analysis, Dr. Cherye Roche will make her recommendations regarding the inclusions of orthotics to the patient’s care plan and the type of orthotics that would be best suited to their individual foot type and footwear needs. If referral is required to another allied health professional, she has a network of trusted providers. Online assessment and orthotic consultations are also available for those that cannot physically get to the Gait Doctor clinic.

After the patient’s questions have been answered, they are asked to decide whether they want to include custom orthotics in their care plan. Once the patient agrees, an order is placed. The prescription of the custom orthotics is informed by data from the gait analysis report and the physical examination findings. The orthotics are made in Canada and are the best on the market. The orthotics are manufactured to the prescribed specifications and are returned to the clinic. This process takes approximately 30 days. The patient is asked to schedule a fitting visit where the orthotics are fitted to their shoes and evaluated to be sure they are working well.

Readers can contact the clinic directly at the phone number (09) 889 2880 or at the email address admin@gaitdoctor.co.nz.


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