Doral Florida Company Now Offering More Water Damage Restoration Services than Ever Before

Flood Professionals, Inc. is a Doral, FL-based company that has been helping people recover from water damage-related events for 30+ years now. In that time, they have continually added new services and techniques to help people recover from the woes that are commonly associated with water getting into the areas of their home or business where it does not belong. This has resulted in this restoration service now being able to quickly control and mitigate the damage from any flooding event and then help the home or building owner with their reconstruction efforts. The expert way that those at this company go about doing their jobs has also made them one of the most popular choices for water damage restoration services in Doral and the surrounding areas.

The company representative, Frank Diaz, says, “There are few types of damaging events that a home or business owner will have more trouble recovering from than those that involve flooding. That’s because once water starts spreading throughout a home or business it will seep into every nook and cranny of the areas it’s present in. This fact is the very reason why we are so pleased to be able to provide home and business owners with the fast responding professional restoration and reconstruction support that they need after any size flooding event.”

Doral Water Damage Restoration

Diaz went on to say that when most people think of flooding, they immediately think of strong storms that bring heavy rains for extended periods. While this certainly contributes to flooding problems in and around the Doral, Florida area, it certainly is not the only type of event that causes people to seek out their water restoration services. Even a small undetected leak in a roof can funnel water into an area of a home such as an attic where it can do substantial damage. He added that other events that necessitate water damage cleanup include burst, broken, or leaky pipes, clogged drains, overflowing tubs, showers, and toilets, and backed-up sewage lines. Water heater failures, leaking appliances such as air conditioners, and even the water left behind from fighting fires all require substantial water cleanup efforts too.

The company representative also emphasized that water restoration services such as theirs have to be versatile because water can travel to so many different areas in a home. That’s why they are a water damage restoration company in Doral FL that’s always prepared to handle a wide variety of water restoration tasks. This includes helping a home or business owner dry up and put things back together after even the most severe flooding event. They can extract water from and help dry up such areas of a home as basements, attics, crawl spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. He said they are even prepared to restore water damaged cabinets, saturated carpeting, wooden & synthetic floors that have standing water on them, and to save wet drywall. They also have the specialized equipment that’s necessary to clean up after greywater (possible biohazard) or dark water (often sewage or septic-related) flooding events.

Diaz added that when someone in the Miami area suffers a flooding event, it’s imperative to call them right away. Time is not an ally when it comes to water getting into areas of a home or business where it does not belong. He stated that as a general rule, the more time that passes after a flooding event before the cleanup starts, the harder and costlier it will be to do water restoration and renovation services. Once they get the call for water damage restoration help, they will quickly arrive on the scene and assess the situation and commence with water extraction. Once all the standing water is gone, they will use high-powered fans and other specialized equipment to dry up the area. If the home or business owner requests it, a company restoration expert will even provide them with an estimate to help in their reconstruction efforts. He says that they will also support the home or business owner’s efforts with any insurance claims that result from the water damage that they have received.

Those in the Miami-Dade County area that would like more information on the Doral water damage restoration services that this company offers can reach them by phone at (786) 756-6787or by filling out the form that’s found on their website’s homepage here: . Diaz also pointed out that the company can be contacted 24-hours a day for those that need immediate help with a water damage-causing event.


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