Domestic Violence Attorney Chicago Services Now Available At The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt

The Law Offices of Purav Bhatt has recently announced that they now offer the best domestic violence attorney Chicago has. These services are aimed at making sure that people facing domestic violence charges in Chicago have professional representation.

According to the website “If you are charged with domestic battery, whether true or not, it is possible that you will be arrested and charged. The police will speak to both parties. This is a difficult position for a person charged with domestic violence to be in because the smartest thing they can do is remain silent to protect themselves against future stress and aggravation. At the moment, this is the hardest thing to do because you want to explain your side of what happened. Fight this urge and remain silent. In my experience, if a female is the victim, the police will most likely believe her version of events, or, in an abundance of caution and to protect themselves from liability and responsibility, remove the male or other female accused from the home.”

The site further explains that, “Sometimes, the police will encourage the accused to find somewhere else to stay for the night so the situation can cool down. Even if you are the owner of the home or your name is on the lease, you will likely be asked to leave the property. If you refuse, you will likely be arrested. If an arrest is made, you will be taken to jail and not released until you see a judge and have a bond hearing. While the police have the authority to release individuals on bond from the police station, they will not do so with domestic violence charges.

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