Do I Need A Mentor: Desmond Soon Interviews SEO Agency Owner Johnny Chen on How He Found His Mentor

Desmond Soon, a business consultant and coach based in Vancouver, BC, was able to interview Johnny Chen, owner of the SEO agency JC Media, on how he realized he needed a mentor and how he was able to find one and obtained the power of clarity. Desmond Soon is the right hand man of Dan Lok, a business mentor and a self-made millionaire.

In his capacity as Executive Director of Business Development for Dan Lok Companies, Desmond Soon had helped train more than 7,000 closers from more 150 countries, since the summer of 2017. Later on, these people went on to close collectively more than $34.2 billion in revenue for various corporate and personality brands, such as Ikea, RBC Royal Bank, Joel Bauer, Equinox Fitness Clubs, and more.

Desmond Soon

In his position as Executive Director of Business Development, he led teams for, and Dragon 100. He served as the leader in many of the strategic alliances, while also helping numerous companies or business owners scale up their operations through the application of predictable revenue models, while using the services of remote sales professionals or copywriters for marketing. Currently, he is the Senior Advisor for Business Development at Dan Lok.

In Desmond's YouTube channel, one video is titled “Do I Need A Mentor: How Johnny Chen Found His Mentor and the Power Of Clarity He Got.” In this video, Desmond Soon interviews Johnny Chen to show that all businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from a mentor despite having different kinds of businesses.

Johnny Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and he had a difficult childhood, particularly when his parents separated, with his dad leaving them to work in factories in the US. Instead of getting angry with his father, he realized that it took great courage to do what he did and he regarded that as an important lesson in life. While he excelled in his studies in high school, it was different when he got to college. He began to take it easy and took part in parties. Nevertheless, he learned a lot of things about people during his college days and he developed the belief that there was no specific formula for success.

After college, he had a hard time keeping a job because it turned out that he did not like being limited by rules, so he got fired a number of times. He later found himself working as a waiter at a sushi restaurant, which was actually where he gained some people skills with meeting various kinds of people. Later on, he got into the SEO business, after taking several online courses, but it kept on stagnating because he was doing the business by himself and many times we has just winging it. He realized later that he needed a mentor to guide him, or else it would take too much of his time and energy to discover the right thing to do.

Johnny Chen, owner of the Johnny Chen Media Houston SEO company, found his mentor by becoming a member of an Exclusive Private Members-Only Mastermind for Serious Business Owners. It was through this membership that he learned about best practices, speed, strategies, clarity, and he was able to get mentorship on how to be a Successful Millionaire Business Leader. The result was that his business went from $15,000 a month to more than $90,000 a month.

Johnny Chen is also a member of the Dragon 100 of Dan Lok. This is the world’s most exclusive advisory board designed to help distinguished entrepreneurs who are committed to achieving more than $10 million in record time. Dan Lok founded Dragon 100 after realizing that entrepreneurs need not do it alone just like he did when he was a serial entrepreneur of more than 17 different businesses. Dragon 100 is not a typical loosely structured mastermind or a peer-to-peer network. Instead, he established the world’s most exclusive advisory board for CEOs and business founders who plan to hit $10 million in revenue as quickly as possible.

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