DML Locksmith in Plano, Texas Shares Tips On How To Use Exterior Business Locks To Improve Security

DML Locksmith Services, a family-owned and operated company with over a decade of experience in the locksmith industry, has shared a blog post that discusses the best methods for businesses and private properties to ensure they are secure at all times.

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Business owners may have faced situations where they were not able to get inside their own premises because their keys didn’t work or they may have fielded similar complaints from their employees or other property owners that lease office or retail space from them. It can be a major inconvenience that can affect productivity and cost a business many man-hours.

Thankfully, according to the blog post, following a few basic common sense techniques like cleaning and servicing the locks, one can easily ensure that their precious security hardware not only manages to fulfill its prime function of keeping access to the property exclusive but also perform it without hiccups for a long time. Most precautionary methods can be readily performed by the property owners themselves with just a little time investment and the most basic of tools and materials. However, some of the techniques mentioned need a professional, such as DML Locksmith Services, to carry out effectively. Readers can find out more about DML Locksmith Services by heading over to its website at

The blog post begins by asking business and property owners to keep their locks clean as dust and grime are the primary reasons for a lock to get jammed. Debris can accumulate in the moving mechanism of the lock due to strong winds that carry dust and dirt. The debris causes stress on the lock’s internals which can even lead to the lock breaking if someone applies a strong enough force while trying to forcibly unlock it. The best way to deal with this is to clean the locks with a soft clock and warm soapy water after heavy winds. Silicone lubricant can be applied inside the keyhole and latch to clean the lock’s internals. The lubricant has to be sprayed into the keyhole and then the key has to be put in and pulled out several times to spread the lubricant. Once the lock is functioning properly again, the excess lubricant has to be wiped off from the key.

The next step that the blog post recommends is to regularly clean doors as rain can move the dirt and grime stuck to a door into the attached lock. Glass cleaner can be used to avoid streaks on the glass. It also helps the property maintain a professional and business-ready appearance. Door frames are another consideration as doors that are not aligned properly will put too much weight on the lock and cause it to malfunction. A door that leans into the lock can also keep the door bound and restrict its ability to open or close.

Property owners should also be aware of the ease of turning the lock whenever they lock and unlock it. If it gets harder and harder to turn the key, it might be time to get a professional such as DML Locksmith to audit the locks on the premises. Property owners should also inspect for missing or loose pieces which might be signs of a failing lock or attempts to breach the property.

Finally, digitizing the security system of a building is highly recommended as it not only allows precise control for personnel entering the building but also gives the owner a central point of control to set up and monitor the property’s security. Using an access control system will give the business’s employees an electronic credential, such as a key fob, access card, or keypad PIN, to enter the building instead of a key. Some of the benefits of an access control system are the ability the record door access history, the ability to set up shift schedules that allow access for certain personnel only at certain times, and the ability to disable access to certain digital keys in the event of loss or burglary.

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