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DML Locksmith, based in Plano, Texas, is reaching out to inform their community whether it is possible to get replacement key fobs for a car. The company discusses this issue, in a post on their website, in the hope that it will be beneficial to local drivers and car owners. DML Locksmith has over 10 years of experience in the locksmith industry, and they have made it their mission to protect the safety of their customers and their belongings. Learn more here:

It is a rather strange fact but more often than not, most people will lose their car key fobs. Not merely misplacing it momentarily, but well and truly losing the key fob. When a key fob is misplaced, it is the unfortunate reality that the owner would have to replace it in order to continue using their car. This is not as much of an issue if they have a backup, but the truth is that most owners only have the one key. This makes obtaining a replacement key fob a necessity. As such, their first thought may be to visit a car dealership to see if they can replace the key fob. Though a dealership may be useful, they can be both time consuming and costly. As DML Locksmith points out in their post, “Luckily, there is a more economical and expedited alternative — you can call a locksmith.” Learn more here:

A skilled locksmith would be able to handle the replacement of a person’s car keys and key fob. The reason for this is that a locksmith has the ability to program a brand-new key fob and make any keys they may need. A qualified locksmith will have knowledge and experience akin to that of a car dealership, while also being able to understand the importance of their customers’ safety. The post explains what a key fob is simply and effectively as follows, “A key fob is a remote keyless system that communicates with your vehicle’s electronics system.” A fob does far more than just unlock the doors of a car. Depending on the vehicle, the fob may be capable of starting the car and opening the doors completely as well. In certain instances, a key fob can open car doors and start the car with zero physical interaction with the owner of the vehicle. Learn more here:

The definition of the word key fob used to be for the ornamental plastic piece attached to a car key. With the introduction of remote keyless entry systems in cars, in the late 1980s, these key fobs were redesigned to be a piece of technology that was an active part of the car key, as opposed to serving only an aesthetic function. Key fobs do not have a uniform appearance, as it varies depending on the model of the vehicle. Most are usually made of a hard dark grey or black plastic. In most vehicles, the key would have to be inserted into the ignition for it to be driven. The key fob is attached to the car key and in some cases, there is a separate mechanical key.

Key fobs work by emitting a unique identity code that locks or unlocks a car, starts the engine and performs several other functions. Modern key fobs have developed to include functions that include opening the trunk, hatchback or sliding doors of a vehicle. Drivers should be aware that there are several types of key fobs. Older cars may use a standard cut key. Modern vehicles may require the creation of a transponder key, which have safety features programmed inside a chip in the key. This type of key needs to be programmed by the locksmith to function. The last type of key is the smart key, which does not need to be physically inserted for ignition. The car is able to detect the presence of the key and initiate the car engine. No matter what type of key is needed, a locksmith will be able to determine the right type of key for a customer’s vehicle. A customer must only provide the vehicle identification number, the model of the vehicle and the year.

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