DIY Tree Trimming May be Dangerous Warns Abattage Arbre Quebec

Quebec, Canada-based Abattage Arbre Quebec, a leading tree trimming provider, warns residents against DIY tree trimming and pruning. Mr. Labrecque said, "Trimming trees on properties might sound easy and harmless for property owners. But plenty of DIY tasks like this one have ended in a disaster or injury as customers know what they need to do. Many homeowners feel it is cost-effective to trim their trees but end up paying more down the road."

The business owner went on to say if homeowners are not experts in tree trimming, they may not notice when a tree is diseased or weak. Determining if a tree is diseased is challenging to detect. It affects the inside before the outside of the tree. So while the tree may look fine outside, it is deteriorating on the inside. When landowners perform maintenance on the tree, it increases the risk of it falling depending on the size of the tree in the yard. The tree can lead to personal injury or damage to the infrastructure.

Labrecque mentioned that DIY tree trimming can lead to a personal injury as tall ladders reach the top branches. All the ladder needs is a gush of wind or balance changing, causing the ladder to flip and homeowners end up on the ground. The business owner said that another danger is using sharp tools. His arborists require to wear protective gear and undergo training. So landowners can imagine how risky the job is when it comes to tree removal and tree trimming.

The business owner said, "In some cities, it is against the law to cut down or modify certain trees even if it is standing in the property line. Further, a permit is required to cut down or remove a tree with a certain diameter. Doing this can lead to costly fines and is best done by a professional arborist such as Abattage Arbre Quebec. Yet, another thing that residents do not consider is a tree branch touching a power line. They attempt to trim or drop a tree from that line hoping to prevent further damage to the home. People should never try to do this by themselves. Even getting close to that line is dangerous."

Abattage Arbre Quebec mentioned that the power travels down the line through to the ground, causing electrification in the area. A fact is that a person handling a chipper 20-feet away was electrocuted. The best is to call in a professional arborist if noticing a downed power line or even a fallen tree branch. Labrecque mentioned that many things can go wrong with DIY tree trimming, and it takes an expert to remove the branches safely.

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