DIY Funeral Bulletins Now Available On The Funeral Program Site

The Funeral Program Site, based in McKinney, Texas, is reaching out to communities that may be in need of assistance developing a funeral bulletin for their loved one. The platform is aware that this year has been hard on many families, and they wish to offer their assistance to help people honor their loved ones as they deserve. As such, they are pleased to share that their website may be used to browse many available templates and other resources for developing a suitable funeral bulletin.

According to the company, creating a funeral program does not have to be a stress-inducing process, nor one that inflicts additional financial toil on the family. Instead, The Funeral Program Site asserts that many different resources can be used by the general public to quickly create appropriate, yet beautiful, programs for their loved ones’ funerals. While certain individuals will want to implement their own creative vision from start to finish, The Funeral Program Site observes that many will not be able to dedicate either their time or attention to what is otherwise a minor aspect of any funeral.

In light of this, the company states that an individual may visit their site to browse through a large variety of DIY templates — which crucially offer an element of customization and personalization without overwhelming the user. These templates also do not require the company’s own proprietary or other uncommon software to be edited; users may open their downloaded templates in Google Docs, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher, whichever they feel most comfortable using.

“If you want to make your own funeral programs but are not sure where to start,” says Carole Galassi of The Funeral Program Site, “you can begin with one or more of our creative templates. A funeral bulletin can be used for far more than to simply tell attendees what will happen over the course of the day, it can be used to express the family’s grief and affection for their loved one as well as be a small representation of who they were in life and how they will be remembered. Those who realize just how vast the possibilities are can feel overwhelmed by the process, which is why we encourage everyone to browse our site’s numerous categories for something they can build on.”

The company notes that funeral programs, also known as obituary programs or funeral pamphlets, are often kept by attendees as printed keepsakes that tell a story about the individual in question. As such, they may include photos, quotes and other information that remind friends and family of their loved one for years to come. Galassi adds, “It may seem like a small part of the funeral that you need not devote much attention to, but it actually offers an opportunity for you to create a tangible and enduring memento of your loved one.”

Notably, however, the platform is also able to offer their visitors a much more tailored service, through which their in-house designers will work to create a funeral program that meets precise specifications. This service allows families to commission memorial pieces that are designed completely with a professional eye, meeting both their personal requirements as well as conventional aesthetic standards. Furthermore, the family need not spend any time making the memorial by themselves, and this is especially useful if they are occupied with planning other aspects of the funeral.

Bruce McCall’s 5-Star Google review helps illustrate how useful the platform is. The review says, “The Funeral Program Site was very helpful and patient with assisting me create the perfect program for my dear mother. Will not hesitate to use them again. If you're looking for a trustworthy resource, this is it! Thank you for your help, I could not have done it without you. Truly above the rest.”

Similarly, Cyndi Harell’s review says, “Great service from a talented designer, and speedy too! I can do simple photo editing but knew I wanted better than I could do for my Mom’s memorial program, so I purchased Carole’s Design Services to enhance Mom’s main photo. I was so delighted that I hired Carole for two more photo enhancements for slideshow images that were significantly improved and are now special family photos. She even met the 3-hour turnaround time on a Saturday and was willing to do a couple of additional tweaks until I was delighted with the final images.”

Carole Galassi of The Funeral Program Site may be reached for further details regarding the platform’s templates or specialized design services. More information on their DIY funeral bulletins can also be found on their website.


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