Divorce Mediators SplitSimple Is Announcing Their 2021 Social Work Scholarship

Denver Divorce Mediators SplitSimple has announced a scholarship for current or incoming students that are studying or have chosen to study social work in educational institutions all across the USA.

The scholarship is designed to ease the financial burden of talented students furthering their education in the field of social work. The one-time scholarship of $500 provides relief to those who are struggling for fiscal reasons. The institution believes that social service work is beneficial to the country as a whole and those pursuing a career in the field should not be left wanting for the lack of money. The scholarship will allow recipients who are dedicated to the cause to focus on their education and serve society better.

Denver Divorce Mediators

A spokesperson for the company talks about the reasons behind introducing the scholarship by saying, “Social workers are the lifeblood of our operation. They play a crucial role in all the negotiations. We wanted to introduce this scholarship to encourage students who have chosen this path in life to feel like the industry has their back and that we will support them through their own struggles. We hope this scholarship will set a precedent for other organizations that are serving the same social need to create similar funding opportunities. This is our way of giving back to the community. We appreciate the power of education and believe the role of social workers to be one of service. As the costs of tuition continue to rise, covering educational expenses like books, housing, and school supplies can become increasingly difficult. This scholarship is meant to invigorate the spirit of all the students who are taking on this monumental task that will end up benefiting the country as a whole. If you are a student who is studying social work at any educational institution in the country and would like to avail of the 2021 SplitSimple Social Work Scholarship, fill in the application and we will consider your case.”

The scholarship is open to all currently enrolled students across the country who are enrolled in a college or university program. Students applying for the scholarship are required to submit a 500 to 1000-word response to the question: “What inspired me to study Social Work?” Students must have a GPA of 3.0 or above at their current educational institution. The entries will be evaluated and the scholarship will be awarded at the sole discretion of SplitSimple. Students are also required to submit a letter of recommendation and an unofficial transcript along with their essay response to scholarship@splitsimple.com. The applications should be submitted no later than September 1. The scholarship winner will be determined no later than September 20 every year.

When asked about the service provided by SplitSimple.com, the spokesperson says, “SplitSimple understands that, in some cases, divorce is inevitable. When tensions are running high, there needs to be someone who can empathize with both parties. There needs to be an entity that is going to be the bridge that helps couples and their families get through difficult times. Divorce doesn’t just affect the couples and their families but also their children who might need a parenting plan to ensure a safe childhood shielded from the trauma of a bitter relationship. We understand that it is not easy to move on from relationships that have lasted for years and have created deep entanglements across families. We are merely the arbiters that will help couples along the process. We have a proven track record of easing the pains of countless families. If you or someone you know is in need of our expert services, give us a call and we will help you along the process.”


The organization’s Denver office can be contacted at the phone number (720) 501-4600. It is located at 1624 Market Street #202 Denver, Colorado 80202. The company promises to provide experienced attorney-mediators for every case and a fixed and transparent pricing plan for all of its services.


For more information about SplitSimple, contact the company here:

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