Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Explains One Signature Divorce in New York

New York: Juan Luciano, founder of Juan Luciano Law Firm and a divorce attorney in New York City, recently discussed a new type of divorce called "One Signature Divorce". The concept is simple and straightforward - divorcing couples sign one form and submit it to the court. This type of process does away with the need for filing multiple forms and eliminates any disputes over what documents to file.

The divorce attorney also explained that a couple can also avoid costly legal fees as they are only required to pay one set fee upfront. For those who live in counties where judges refuse to accept this type of paperwork, they can still get divorced by signing the paper themselves as long as both parties agree on all terms.

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New York State permits couples to file a divorce with their spouse without their signature. These are called “no signed required" divorce and "divorce via publication".

In his article, Mr. Luciano states that divorce is never an easy process. However, there are some things that will only make the process more complicated. Some cases involve one’s spouse wanting a divorce and serving a divorce summons to their spouse. Sometimes the response is never received, either their spouse is consenting or not.

An additional problem that someone may have when filing for divorce is not being able to locate their spouse. A person could have been separated for years from their spouse and not kept in touch. They don't know where their home is, what their job is, or whom they spend time with. In these cases, it might be possible to get a divorce via publication.

Mr. Luciano further discusses: “When divorce papers are served to a spouse, the law states that they must reply within 20 calendar days. If the divorce papers remain unreturned for more than twenty days, the default will be applied and the divorce can still be filed.”.

It was also mentioned in the article how important it is to remember that a default divorce can only happen if the other spouse has knowledge that the divorce was filed. If the other spouse did not receive the divorce summons, a "no signing required" divorce cannot be obtained.

Furthermore, the main difference between one signature divorce and the conventional divorce is that the party served with a summons can either answer the summons, making the divorce a litigated one, or sign the Affidavit of Consent. This signifies that the other party agrees to the separation and it can be added on to the court calendar. A party served with a summon for divorce has 40 days to complete an Affidavit.

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Understanding the emotional difficulty for all parties during these times, Mr. Luciano believes in minimizing the inevitable conflicts that arise during divorce and custody negotiations and guiding his clients to a place where they are able to make objective decisions for the protection of their families and their future. Consequently, he strives initially to negotiate in good faith to achieve a mutual goal, enabling partners to go forward with their lives with respect toward each other. His goal is simple: negotiation when possible and litigation when necessary.


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