Divine Detox Is Helping Those Going Through Chronic Relapse Patterns While Battling Addiction

Simi Valley, California -

Divine Detox, a top-rated, luxury detox center in Southern California, has met with enormous success treating those who chronically go through the cycle of addiction recovery and relapse. The center achieves its goals through evidence-based treatments, a unique plan based on each client's background and history, and the lowest councilor to client ratio in Southern California. The center is encouraging those who have been through the rehab system several times already to find out more about Divine Detox and give its unique approach to addiction treatment a chance.

Addiction is a complex condition. Even when a person suffering from the affliction is on a path to recovery, there is always a chance that they might relapse and go back to being dependent on substance use. This may occur without warning as they may merely respond to several strong in-grained social, emotional, or psychological triggers from the situations they now face in their newfound sober life. Addiction, according to Divine Detox, is, at the end of the day, a chronic, relapsing disease of the brain reward system, motivation, memory, and related circuitry. However, chronic relapse is a condition when a person relapses after getting sober and maintaining that sobriety for some time.

The warm and welcoming staff at Divine Detox stand ready to help with even the most severe cases of chronic relapse

Though relapse is widely accepted as a part of recovery, chronic relapse can be diagnosed if a person exhibits certain unhealthy behaviors that are inconsistent with a healthy recovery. Some things to look out for, as listed in a blog post from Divine Detox, include not attending support group meetings, not eating well, sleeping enough, or taking time to exercise, avoiding social situations, inviting in boredom due to not participating in activities, hobbies, etc. that bring contentment, failing to follow post-treatment suggestions for care provided by addiction specialists, ignoring emotional, physical, and psychological needs, and not utilizing a support system of friends, family, and/or others.

Those who chronically relapse are at a higher risk of death from an overdose as the time they take to recuperate from substance abuse decreases their tolerance. However, when they relapse, they revert to using the same amount of dangerous substances that they were consuming when they were addicted. This makes them vulnerable to an overdose as they no longer have the tolerance they used to have. They are also more likely to be unable to hold down gainful employment or have a clean legal record.

Divine Detox tackles the problem of chronic relapse by crafting customized treatment plans for each client. They eschew a “one-size-fits-all” solution and instead focus on the needs of the individual to make maximum impact. The center’s expert clinical team eases the patient’s physical discomforts from withdrawal while its team of counselors, some of whom have experienced substance abuse and been through the recovery process themselves, find a way to reach out to the patient and create a personal connection. The luxury addiction treatment and rehab center also has many helpful resources on its resources that discuss topics such as what to pack for rehab, what to expect in detox, why medical detox is important, how to handle insurance claims, and many more.

A spokesperson for Divine Detox talks about what makes its chronic relapse treatment program different by saying, “Divine Detox’s specialty is in treating even the most entrenched cases of chronic relapse. We have luxurious new facilities, a personal chef on the premises, and some of the most glowing client reviews you can imagine. Divine Detox represents a premier destination for treatment for Simi Valley, the surrounding area, and the United States at large. Adjacent to the thriving Los Angeles recovery community, our location in Ventura County allows for access to additional resources and meetings, as well as activities including adventure therapy and gatherings that proceed through the Alumni program offered to every client.”

The center is located at 1856 Deodora St, Simi Valley, CA 93065. Friends and family members who are looking for an addiction treatment center and rehab for chronic relapser can contact Divine Detox at the phone number 818-938-2177 or the email address admissions@divinedetox.net.


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