Diva Lab to Host a Free 3 Day Sell Like a Woman Workshop

Diva Lab has announced that they will be hosting a free live 3-day Sell Like a Woman workshop, where company founder Deb Wise will be teaching women how to reach their maximum sales potential. She points out that women entrepreneurs and businesswomen need not have to follow a certain sales script that sometimes makes them feel like they are pretending. Instead, they can show up as their genuine selves and generate a six-figure business by eliminating their limiting beliefs.

Deb Wise herself says, “If you've been to other sales workshops before and felt out of place, overwhelmed, and like you needed to become someone else to succeed, this is the workshop for you!”

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Deb Wise provides sales mastery courses to women because she believes that women can achieve great success as entrepreneurs. She believes that women have the inherent skills and talent to become businesswomen because they are not scared to take risks. She bases her belief on a study, which showed that 87 percent of women believe they are financial risk takers, which is higher than the 73 percent of men who were not afraid to take financial risks. The study also noted that 80 percent of women are likely to be able to find opportunities in those situations where many other people only see the risk. In this, only 67 percent of men saw such opportunities.

In her sales courses, Deb Wise proposes that women attract and sell to their ideal clients. This will eliminate the need for the dreaded cold calls and the use of sales scripts that do not feel natural. In addition, she wants to remove the usual self doubt that women feel when their sales efforts are not producing the kind of sales that they are aiming for. She is of the firm belief that she can help women “sell like a woman.” This is because women tend to have the power to get exactly what they want, having everything that they require, and of making everything work together to achieve their goals.

This has to do with the idea of simply letting the leads come to the businesswomen. There would be no need to make cold calls or cold emails, spamming on Facebook Messenger, and using sales scripts that do not feel natural. The concept actually makes use of the law of attraction, which consists of businesswomen loving their highly personalized brand, marketing to their ideal client who trusts them, creating content that they are proud to send to prospects, attracting those clients who truly appreciate the products or services being offered, and gaining more self-confidence as they achieve more success.

Women have great potential in becoming excellent entrepreneurs because of several factors. First, women tend to be more emotionally intelligent, which means that they are better in recognizing social cues and in interpreting emotional events. Thus, they tend to put a lot of importance on relationships, which can be used to further their goals for their business.

Women also tend to excel in multitasking. They are used to dealing with a lot things at the same time. Therefore, they are not afraid to tackle simultaneously occurring challenges in their daily business activities.

Furthermore, women tend to be better entrepreneurs than men because they feel at ease in mentoring other people. They tend to be better in nurturing their employees or subordinates, motivating and inspiring them to achieve better in their work.

And what makes women more aggressive as entrepreneurs is that they have been doing their best for a long time to break the glass barrier and the prejudices that have been working against them in the world of business. As a result, women in business tend to exert more effort and be more aggressive than men.

Businesswomen and female entrepreneurs who are interested in boosting their sales may want to check out the Sell Like a Woman workshop or visit the Diva Lab website or join the Diva Lab Facebook Group.


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