District Launches Comprehensive Health Care Service Under One Roof

District Health Care Services, based in Washington, DC, is pleased to announce the opening of a new community health care in South East, Washington in early 2021. The company believes that there will be significant improvement in the standard of health care services provided through this new center.

The facility is being planned, through a coalition with Store House Dental, to provide a rich array of services. These services include diagnostics and assessments, community support services, medication/somatic options, and counseling. The community center will also offer referrals to their on-site Primary Care, and Dental services. Similarly, the community will benefit from Rehab Day Services, a community pantry and other human services which will also be carried at the center.

Recently, District Healthcare held a pre-Thanksgiving ‘get to know us’ event at the parking lot of the future facility at 2600 Bryan Place SE., on the 21st November, 2020. Food As Art catered the event, and other community leaders were present to converse with and share life changing wisdom. Among these community leaders were representatives of organizations such as the DC Department of Behavioral health, CPT Dorsey DC MPD, Total Care Family Collation, Voices For A Second Chance, Blessed2Begifted, Apex Pharmacy and It’s Getting Better All The Time Mental Health Outreach Inc. The event also featured a grab-and-go meal that was accompanied by a table of information and in-person demonstrations from the various organizations present. The event followed strict social distancing protocol, and mask wearing was enforced to allow for a safe social experience.

The event was a success, with over 250 neighbors participating. Volunteers, such as Leonard, were delighted for the opportunity to serve. He stated that, “District Health Care Services has been a life giver to me, and so I relish the opportunity to give back to this neighborhood.” Another guest, Monica, shared a similar sentiment when she said, “During this pandemic, when folks are locked away, having a giving event like this event was a miracle. I could see smiles on many faces. This could be the only hot meal they would have received today.” The District Health Care staff gave their best effort to serving their community during this event. Their sentiment was comprehensively captured by Walker. “We are dedicated to serving as the basic needs of this community. We want to impact the community, one person at a time.”

The company is a Washington DC-based organization that is passionate about helping the community. Focusing on all aspects of an individual, the staff at District Health Care believe that people are more than the sum of their illness or problem. The team does their best to approach each patient with a holistic view, an approach they hope to deliver to an even wider community through the opening of the new community center.

To quote their official website, “Our mission is to promote the well-being of the individuals and families in Washington D.C. by providing accessible, quality human services in a holistic fashion focusing on the body, the mind, and the spirit.” The vision also focuses on helping the valued members of their community live with dignity and respect. The company has a set of core values, listed on the official website as follows: The promotion of wellness and recovery; the integrity of individual and organizational actions; the dignity, worth and diversity of all people; the importance of human relationships; the contribution of each employee.

District Health Care also offers prevention, early identification and community-based treatment services and support. The goal is to ensure that quality behavioral health care is available and easily accessible to District residents when they need it — through all stages of life. The center also offers behavioral health treatments to those who may need it. Accessibility is key, and to quote the website. “We focus on the whole body, and understand the interconnectedness of your health while factoring in the external influences in your life. Our holistic approach provides patients with tips on disease prevention in addition to diagnoses and treatments for any illnesses you may experience. We accept most DC insurance plans and often have same-day appointments available. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay. This clinic provides on onsite examinations, medications, dental services, lab tests, Behavioral Health and referrals to other providers as needed.”

To learn more about District Health Care, one may visit the official website. For further inquiries, one may also call or email the center’s representatives directly.


For more information about District Health Care Services, contact the company here:

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