DirectPads and Bliss Drive Sign A New Business Partnership

DirectPads, a company based in Irvine, CA, that provides homeowners a virtual way to list of sell their home, has agreed to form a business partnership with Bliss Drive, a digital marketing agency, with offices in Irvine. DirectPads offers a simplified selling process for the home by offering a seamless and virtual solution. Homeowners can either sell their home to DirectPads for cash or they can list their home at a discount.

Meanwhile, Bliss Drive is a digital marketing company with the goal of providing the most comprehensive and most effective web marketing service possible. They are focused on optimizing their client’s online exposure not just to increase the number of new customers acquired but also for them to have better customers that result into increased sales and bigger profits. Bliss Drive offers several advantages: responsiveness that clients can count on; stress-free delivery of work; positive ROI for the client as the company’s top priority; and more than 50 years of combined experience of their SEO experts.

Yaz Haddad from DirectPads says, “We’re happy to announce our business partnership with Bliss Drive. And with this partnership, we expect to significantly enhance our online presence as a result of their web marketing expertise. This will allow us to reach more homeowners and help more people sell their homes at the highest possible price.”

DirectPads offers two options for homeowners who want to sell their home as quickly as possible and for the highest price possible. One option is to sell their home directly to DirectPads as is and for cash. The second option is to list their home with DirectPads at a discount. More info on listing the home with DirectPads can be gleaned from

Working with DirectPads is a simple four-step process. The first step is for a homeowner to download the DirectPads app and then enter the property address through the app. The second step is to upload photos and videos of the property and then video call DirectPads using the app and provide the experts at DirectPads a virtual tour of the property. The third step is chat with the specialists at DirectPads and answer some questions regarding the property. The fourth and final step is to get both cash and listing offers for the property and then choose one of the options.

DirectPads will provide a cash offer for the home. Aside from the advantage that it is a cash offer, the benefits of this option include the fact that: there would be no need for listings, showings, or repairs. Selling directly to DirectPads means the home seller is paid instantly in cash at the close of escrow. There would be no need to show the home to various potential buyers. The home seller simply video calls the specialists at DirectPads and/or uploads the photos and pictures of the property. And the timing will be depend on the preference of the home seller. And finally, there is no need to make any repairs to the home. They will buy the home whatever its current condition.

For those who don’t want the cash offer from DirectPads, the company will list the home at a discount but it will still be of benefit to the home seller. First of all, they will work with contractors, staging companies, and various professionals to make sure that the house will look its best for the showings. Second, the seller doesn’t have to pay 6 percent as commission. The commissions of the DirectPads agents are based on their new model, which is market-based pricing. What this means is that the sooner the house is sold, the less the seller has to pay on commissions. Also, the agents of DirectPads are all full-time and are ready to support the home seller every step of the way. And finally, all offers for the property go directly to the home sellers via the app. Anytime an offer comes in, the seller receives it in real-time.

Those who are interested in learning more about the assistance offered by DirectPads to homeowners who want to sell their home can check out the DirectPads website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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