Digital Marketing In 2021 Expert Predictions from Jay Vics of JVI Mobile Marketing and the How To Agency

In a year with some unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic, Jay Vics of JVI mobile has published a blog post that lays out his predictions for the digital marketing landscape.

"People don't buy products and services,” Vics said. “They buy transformations. 2021 is going to make that concept more important for small businesses to grasp if they are going to survive."

Agency owner Jay Vics

The company expects that Marketing Automation in particular as being a huge part of the way that marketing will advance this year. “Chatbots and Voice search are making huge waves in the industry because they work,” Vics continued.

According to surveys, nearly 51% of businesses are using automation and/or chatbots in order to interact with prospective customers and/or website visitors. Consistent with that, Mr. Vics said are things like autoresponders and any other types of computerized response which can help customers to feel valued and to keep processes smooth.

Mr. Vics is the principal of both the “How To Agency,” which is the training, coaching, and consulting side of JVI Mobile Marketing, his original company. He has worked in the fields of web development, sales and marketing, and business development for his more than a 20-year-long career.

On the agency’s digital marketing coaching website, there is a great deal of helpful information about resources that can keep chatbots and other tools within reach of any size business. “One of our goals is to provide actionable information to be available at no charge, which is why we published the How To Agency website,” Vics said.

One of the major reasons to develop chatbots and automated processes is because they are one of the most cost-efficient ways to promote any business and also, they go a long way toward customer retention. “In the COVID age, all businesses need to take the long view,” the company wrote. Keeping current customers is obviously far more cost-effective than trying to obtain new customers, and automated marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

In fact, Vics added, this posting can help folks discover how smart local businesses are using messenger bots to grow their businesses fast. “When I began to learn more about how effective Chatbots truly are, I made a point to learn everything I could on the subject. We even wrote a book on the subject.”

Other predictions the company makes about the marketing landscape in 2021 is that automation will be important in other ways, such as with regard to automated bidding for Google ads. Even though this bidding has been available for some time, the process has been greatly expanded and simplified.

There is no question that marketing – both to established customers and also to prospective new customers can be automated in a variety of ways. Everything from list segmentation to voice search capacities can all be handled in a variety of ways now without breaking the bank.

Overall, agility, flexibility and adaptability are the traits which will give any business the best chance of continued growth and success. JVI Mobile Marketing and the How To Agency stand ready to assist with both a free mailing list and consultancy services, as well as webinars, trainings, and assessments. Those visiting the How To Agency’s blog can also take advantage of their Free report on Chatbot Marketing.

Lastly, Mr. Vics points out that marketing is no longer visualized as a linear, always the same process that works like a funnel, as people use non-linear buying journeys to make their choices. So, businesses need to be prepared to use an omnichannel approach.

Anyone interested in finding out more about JVI Mobile Marketing and the services the company offers should visit its website at Further information can be found there about the company's webinars and workshops along with various tutorials. Additionally, just as the marketing experts suggest, the company currently offers online live support chat to answer any questions visitors may have advertising in today's modern digital age.


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