Digital Marketing Company Red Kit SEO Is Offering Its Brand Amplification Services To Small Businesses

Red Kite SEO, a digital marketing company based in the UK, is offering its services to small businesses that need to raise brand awareness and increase brand affinity. The company offers services such as digital PR, local maps SEO, PPC, lead generation, web design, and content marketing.

The company helps boost its clients’ latest news on their new services or products. The company’s press releases get picked up on Google news to keep its clients’ customers updated. The company optimizes the client’s business listing to get them at the top of local map search results using proven methods and results. The company also manages the client’s pay per click advertising to raise brand awareness and attract new customers. The company also manages the leads generated from its clients’ digital channels to ensure a constant flow of inquiries.

The company also offers web design services to create eye-catching designs that can raise a customer’s confidence in a brand. They also help structure websites to meet both the business needs and what customers expect. The company also provides content marketing services. It provides regular news updates about its clients’ businesses. The company also provides topically related content to help its clients’ readers with useful information that will help people discover their brand. It says that the ultimate goal is to establish its clients as an authority in their field of expertise.

The company’s digital marketing services are implemented in three steps. The first step is branding. First, the company makes sure the brand presence is solid. This involves designing or improving upon a logo all the way up to the marketing message. The next step is to work on the marketing strategy using the company’s monthly services. Lastly, once the basics are covered, the company boosts its customer’s presence and amplifies the brand and go-to business.

Speaking on his company’s services, the founder, Pete Hogg, says, “We do in-depth research to discover what works best. We want to help your customers find your business online easily. We optimize and push to rank in the local map search to generate calls for your business. We run a well managed PPC or Adwords campaign focusing on ad spend and click-through rates to get you more for your budget. We publish the latest news, promote content, improve your online reputation, and amplify your brand presence online through press releases. If there are any web design requirements like a new website, alterations, conversion optimization, or UX improvements, we handle that too. We do relevant content marketing by putting out researched content that is topical, informative, and brand-focused. It is written by professional copywriters and is a part of your on-going service. As your dedicated digital partner, we give you the best advice and make our services a custom-fit to get your online business results. We cover all the bases that you need to build a reputable online presence that will sustain your business for years to come.”

A testimonial by Neil Senior from Eternal Images Photography Ltd. says, “Absolutely delighted with the hard work and effort Pete put into the quality service he provided for my business. Our website has been transformed and within days of the work been carried out, we could clearly see the benefits with a flurry of inquiries. I also had a one-to-one consultation/training with Pete at his office which again proving invaluable and was certainly worth the time and cost of doing. I can highly recommend Red Kite SEO you will not be disappointed.”

A testimonial by Colin Mckenzie from Mckenzie Joiners, says, “I'm completely amazed by the transformation of my website. I have seen a vast increase in inquiries through my website which has increased revenue. I would highly recommend Red Kite to anyone looking to increase their business leads and online exposure.”

The company can be reached at its phone number 0114-2426544. There is also a contact form on the website that can be used to schedule a 30-minute review with the company.


For more information about Red Kite SEO, contact the company here:

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