Digital Marketing Coach Maria Gudelis Releases Episode 7 Of The “It’s OK To Fail” Podcast

Digital marketing coach Maria Gudelis has released episode 7 of the “It’s OK to fail” podcast. The podcast regularly deals with topics such as digital marketing, making money online, entrepreneurship, sales strategies, brand building, and self-motivation.

The latest episode continues the discussion from episode 5 and episode 6 that talked about what she calls the holy trinity of belief. The three parts of this trinity are belief in the offer, belief in oneself, and belief in the client. In this latest episode, she talks about the belief in the client and she shares three ways to amplify this belief.

She begins by talking about the first 3-day boot camp that she attended in Las Vegas to understand digital marketing and how to make money online. She uses the story to talk about the first important step in amplifying belief in the client. There has to be enthusiasm and conviction in the product or service that one is offering. This confidence and a strong belief in the service one is offering attracts clients and keeps them hooked on the pitch. The second step is to collect testimonials as they create social proof about the effectiveness of the product that one is offering. Testimonials can create a sense of approachability to the subject matter. It instills confidence in the client that if others are able to achieve something, then there is a good chance that they can achieve it too.

The third and final step is to show a roadmap that can be easily followed by the client. The goal is to breakdown the apprehension in the mind of the client by splitting a massive task into smaller, easily digestible chunks that seem doable. She asks listeners to think of themselves as a GPS for the client to go from where they are now to where they want to go. This concept of showing the client the way forward step by step rounds up the 3 ways to amplify belief in the client.

When talking about the meaning behind the title of the podcast, Maria says in the trailer, “It’s about inspiring you and motivating you to grab that diamond essence that is inside you and share it with the world. Fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with inspiring others. It all starts with being OK to fail. It doesn’t matter how old you are right now. It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you are in right now. Maybe you are thinking about leaving your job or wanting to learn how to learn to be happier in your job. Maybe you are thinking about starting a side hustle to make a little bit more money or maybe you are a baby entrepreneur and you want to go from making whatever it is you are making now to 5 figures, 6 figures, and yes, even 7 figures. Who else wants to become a millionaire and wants to impact other people’s lives and leave your legacy? It all starts with being OK to fail.”

Maria Gudelis has launched multiple 5 and 6 figure products for more than 3 multi-million dollar companies. Within a 3 month period, she implemented her ‘blueprint to close’ marketing campaign to a $2.25 million marketing agency that added $750,000 of annual booked revenue. The podcast’s third episode contains thoughts by Maria Gudelis on her first million that she made in just 90 days. She has even coached a new entrepreneur with a coaching and physical product business to $10,000 a day in less than 6 months. She has coached many new and experienced consultants to get clients and grow their own 6 figure agencies. Within an 8 month period, she closed over $700,000 in webinar sales of a $997 digital product via Facebook Ads and Joint Ventures.

Maria offers free 15-minute consultations for a variety of topics for clients who fulfill certain pre-requisites such as course launch consultation and management, sales funnel design, strategy, and consulting, online business management, webinar coaching to craft webinar funnels that convert, and new business packages with custom design, and coaching.


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