Digital Marketing Agency Teaches Small Businesses On How To Optimize Conversion Rates

Sharp Tack Media has recently made a push towards helping small businesses grow their audience and expand their outreach. The digital marketing agency has been hard at work producing value-driven blogs on a number of topics that tackle a wide range of niches under digital marketing and marketing in general. The company is also slated to increase content production later this year.

“The main issue that clients have been coming to Sharp Tack Media for help is that their businesses aren't converting enough views to clicks. And the most common issue that plagues these businesses is that they don’t have the right conversion tools.CRO indeed is an aspect of marketing, but it’s definitely more than just mere advertising. It’s about getting the most from the traffic a website receives and increasing the number of instances where the visitor traffic has actually performed something. Yes, gaining new visitors is no simple feat and is an achievement on its own, but it’s not the end goal. Rather, CRO is the next step after gaining visitors,” said one of the company’s representatives. The trick, therefore, is finding the right type of CRO technique for the specific business..

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The company also emphasizes the importance of Click Rate Optimization as a time-saving method. One representative stated that “CROs are meant to save the company a lot of time and resources. It’s like taking the marketing side of operation on autopilot. However, they’re not meant to be the only thing that supports click through rates. The final touch should always be with the manual optimization of an experienced expert,” Sharp Tack Media understands that some businesses can find this task daunting as this would be the first time they would be hearing CRO. “There are a number of ways a business owner can learn and implement CROs including attending seminars, reading articles and doing some light research,” said another company representative.

Furthermore, the company dove deeper on what makes a good CRO strategy stating, "Because a website is more configured to give a business’ visitors a better user experience, their visitors will like the website even more. Not only will they visit the website more often, they’ll also engage more in whatever the site offers. For example, an e-commerce merchant will likely want to see their sales go up. Yf they’re a service provider of any kind, then the most probable call-to-action goal for their website is an increase in subscriptions for the website’s exclusive email content. A likable website is a trustworthy website. The site’s visitors will feel more assured and comfortable once they visit the website on a frequent basis.” Simply put, CRO focuses on making a site’s customers stay longer, and click on more and more links. All of this is done in an effort to make the customer purchase something from the site. If business owners follow the examples and guides given by Sharp Tack Media, they’ll have no trouble ensuring their CTR reaches its full potential. If those who are interested would like to read the article in its entirety they can view it here:


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