Digital Marketing Agency Rolls Out Blog To Help Startup Businesses

Sharp Tack Media, a digital marketing agency out of Clackamas, Oregon, has recently made a series of blog posts aimed towards helping small businesses, specifically startups. The blog outlines some resources that small businesses can use to help them find their online identity. Cody Wise, content manager of the company, recently stated that, “Small businesses occupy a unique space in the market. They don’t exactly have a set target audience yet. Some business owners may see this as something negative, but they need to understand that this can be a good thing for them. Not having a niche means the business has a certain flexibility that bigger companies don’t have. This presents a lot of benefits if business owners can capitalize and make the right choices in this stage.”

The article focuses on 2 major points that startups can utilize: Web design and SEO. As the company has seen, these are the 2 most powerful tools that small businesses can use to grow their business. In one of the resources the article cites, it mentions that, “Having a responsive design means that a website will look good on any device from which they are visited, be it a computer, a laptop, or a tablet. It is important because this gives users a good experience when they open your website regardless of where they do it, but it is also basic knowledge that any business owner must accomplish because Google takes it into account when positioning a website among its results.” Responsive design makes use of intelligent code that adapts a site’s elements to function and look well on any device, since sites need to look different on desktop, mobile and on tablets. Currently, however, mobile is the name of the game as more and more users do their shopping on their phones. It’s much more convenient to shop on a phone because customers can do it anywhere, unlike on desktop.

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In another point, the article stressed that using stock photos alone, while free, can make a site look bland and generic. It’s still the wiser choice for business owners to invest in a graphics designer to make colored visuals and infographics. According to the article, “Graphics can increase the desire to read a piece of content by 80%. If the content is displayed with relevant images, people will retain the information for up to three days later. 46% of marketers say a photo is critical to their marketing and storytelling strategies. In terms of the most important content, 34% of marketers ranked visual content ahead of videos and behind blogging. 65% of marketing executives are convinced that their visual products are at the center of how their brand story is communicated while 94% of content with relevant images gets more visits than non-image content.”

Finally, the article emphasized the importance of SEO for a site to rank well. SEO remains the top factor that determines the success of a site. SEO is a field of high competition so businesses have to constantly invest in SEO to gain all the rewards it offers. It’s no secret that Google favors semantic SEO in its latest update. “Aside from general SEO, businesses must also learn the specific SEO that Google prefers. Right now, Google leans heavily towards how a site’s keywords answer users’ queries. The more a site’s content answers queries like how a human would, the higher it ranks on Google’s SERPs. If business owners can master this type of SEO, they can significantly improve their digital footprint and will have no trouble gaining organic traffic,” says one company representative. For those who would like to view the article it is available here:


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