Digital Marketing Agency Helps Contractors Expand Through SEO & Web Design

Rocklin, CA based 1BuilderMedia Marketing is reaching out to share how much contractors stand to gain by working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in assisting businesses in the Home Service industry. The agency considers it their goal to promote local contractors, giving them the tools they need to expand their businesses and attract new customers.

The digital marketing agency offers their services through a small team of advertisers, web developers and web designers who each have experience working with contractors. In fact, they are led by Manager Ivo Dachev, who was a general contractor himself before he switched roles and began working as a software engineer. To this day, the team relies on their cumulative experience in the industry to help them understand what contractors need and what their overall goals are for the future. Their current priority is to offer their assistance developing an online presence for small business owners and their companies in the greater Sacramento area.

“Like any other business, contractors in the digital age have to come to grips with the need to build an online presence in order to draw in more customers,” says 1BuilderMedia. “However, they face a series of unique challenges that make adopting such practices much more difficult if the nature of the business is not understood well enough. On top of this, small business owners in this particular industry tend to need to be on the ground at all times alongside their team, overseeing every aspect of a given project in order to ensure that it is completed on time and up to standard. Every project counts at this stage, and they can rarely afford to let jobs slip. The issue here is that this means they then have far less time to dedicate to building their brand online.”

Fortunately for local contractors who find themselves split in this manner, a digital marketing agency like 1BuilderMedia Marketing is able to take this responsibility off their shoulders. Utilizing a focused combination of intelligent web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the agency follows a three-step process to convert their clients’ online visitors into paying customers.

First, they take steps to connect their client’s business with a wider audience, driving traffic to their website by streamlining their digital advertising (using limited budgets to their maximum effect) and managing both on-page and off-page SEO. Throughout this part of the process as well as the steps that come after, the agency makes it a point to work alongside their clients in the interest of developing the best content strategies.

Following this, 1BuilderMedia sets their team of web designers to work building or revamping their client’s website as needed. While such a website naturally has to look stunning and visually attractive, the team also incorporates multiple elements that support an extremely user-friendly experience for all those who visit it. “Your customers will likely be people looking for someone to simplify their problems and give them a quick answer,” observes 1BuilderMedia. “As such, it is in your best interest to ensure they can quickly find what they are looking for before they even speak to one of your customer service representatives. When we design a website for you, this will be taken into account. Your customers’ first impression of you will be that of a useful resource, and this impression will contribute to their desire to hire your team.” In essence, this helps convert visitors into paying customers.

Finally, the agency takes a step back in order to develop an overview of a given client’s online presence. This enables them to identify what works the best for each client, in turn allowing them to reallocate resources to more effective strategies that produce the best content, generate the most traffic and so on. In closing, they streamline, automate and optimize the whole funnel so that their 1BuilderMedia Marketing makes it their mission to simplify the process of not only developing an online presence for their clients but also achieve every Contractor’s ultimate goal: make their phone ring. Those who wish to explore the agency’s services in greater detail are welcome to reach out to Ivo Dachev from 1BuilderMedia Marketing to get started. More information can be found at the following link: Marketing Agency Rocklin.


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