Digital Marketing Agency Envoca Is Now Offering Its Lawyer SEO Services To Portland Law Firms In 2021

Envoca, a Plano TX based digital marketing agency, is opening a new office in Portland and offering free consultations and site audits to local law firms. Even though the office is new, the company has had remote staff in the Portland area since 2002. The company claims that its team members have deep knowledge of Portland from having successfully served numerous clients in the area.

Envoca’s Portland Digital Marketing Agency division will offer services in the areas of digital growth such as SEO audit and analysis, advertising, conversion optimization, web design, content creation, lead generation, and local SEO.

A co-founder of the company, Deborah Forrister, says, “We have helped many clients unlock their true potential through digital marketing. The playing field is changing as more and more businesses move online and the legal profession is no different. We do all the hard work to make sure that when our clients’ customers are in need, our clients are the first result that shows up in their search feed. We do this using robust SEO marketing strategies that have been battle-tested over and over again. We are bringing our skills to Portland and we want you to benefit from our experience. If you are a Portland-based business consultant or a website design studio looking to build strategic SEO partnerships to leverage resources, we would love to discuss opportunities.”

Since the website is the main digital face for a brand or company, it is the first thing that prospective clients see about a business. Envoca builds search-engine-friendly, dynamic and responsive websites that make a huge difference to the user experience. These websites are designed for conversion and generating interest in the core products or services. The websites help law firms boost their branding and visibility online as they are easy to rank in the SERPs.

The digital marketing agency says that its goal is to ensure that its clients’ websites are being found by the right people trying to do business. In case the client has an existing website, the company’s SEO audit & analysis services identify and fix the website’s technical and structural errors. The company says it can test and improve web pages to maximize conversions. Anything that can be measured, can be improved, and the website design is no exception. They also ensure that the website is optimally designed and enables the business to put the best foot forward.

The company also offers paid advertising services on major search engines and popular websites to ensure its clients’ business shows up where their customers or clients are. The agency gives its clients complete control over how much they spend, where they show up, and who they target. Wherever the business is located, there are always potential customers or clients around. The company’s local SEO experts can optimize the clients’ websites to ensure they are seen in local search results.

Envoca uses SEO to organically generate leads for its clients through strategic content and best technical practices. Its SEO experts help clients gain rankings for the keywords that drive more business. They craft highly customized SEO strategies for law firms and solo attorneys. The company claims that its track record in helping law firms get quality cases through SEO has yielded hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and compensations. The company employs savvy writers that create compelling content for blogs, press releases, and social media pages to announce company updates to its clients’ audience and benefit their greater SEO strategy.

Envoca has been offering SEO and internet marketing services since 2002 and has created multiple success stories. Co-founder Deborah Forrister is an author of the book “Google Screened: How Businesses Can Boost Customer Confidence and Get More Inquiries” which helps businesses understand how digital marketing can boost growth. More details about the company can be read on its website at


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