Diaper Caddy Maker Achieves New Milestone: 2500 5 Star Amazon Reviews

Baby product designer Putska is pleased to announce that they have reached the great milestone of having 2,500 5-Star reviews on Amazon. They are also excited to share that they have achieved considerable success since their expansion to Canadian and UK markets, and this is promising news given that the company will soon be active in Singapore and Japan as well. They encourage customers around the world to visit PutskA at their official website and learn more about the company and their wide range of baby products.

Husband and wife duo Ben and Lily Nathan founded PutskA when their second child was born. It was built using their own personal experience, their knowledge of what they needed as parents and what their children’s needs and likes were. With this treasure trove of knowledge at hand, PutskA creates and offers practical baby products that are simple and easy to use while remaining tasteful and stylish. Their products also do not compromise on child safety and comfort. In fact, PutskA is committed to providing valuable baby products that are designed to meet the needs of all children as well as their parents. This commitment is reflected in the company’s products, which are all manufactured from high-quality, non-toxic and organic fabrics and materials.

PutskA Diaper Caddy

PutskA believes that children must be raised with love, care and responsibility. They also believe that the younger generation is entitled to receive a better future, so they use environment-friendly materials to try and help make this world livable for many years to come. In addition, they strive to cut down on their packaging volume as well as use recyclable materials as much as possible.

The company also places a heavy priority on transparency. They believe in fostering trusted relationships with their customers and, in pursuit of this, they are always open to hearing honest feedback from their community. They try to maintain open communication with their customers so they will not hesitate to share their thoughts and opinions about PutskA products. They even encourage people to check PutskA on FB so that they can stay up to date with the company’s news and announcements.

One of PutskA’s best-selling baby products is their Diaper Caddy. Parents have to be prepared to change their babies’ diapers at any given moment all day, every day. Diaper changes may have to happen at inconvenient times, so parents similarly need to be ready at all times. Fortunately, PutskA’s diaper caddy has three large compartments and eight external pockets so parents always have everything they need on hand to change their babies’ diapers. It also helps that the caddy allows parents to keep these items organized.

Reviews for this product help explain why the company has become so popular among their customers. One such customer says in their 5-Star Amazon review of PutskA’s Diaper Caddy Organizer Set, “Since my daughter started rolling and crawling and just generally being on the move nearly every waking minute, we've abandoned our change table and opted to change diapers in the living room out of convenience. What hasn't been convenient, though, is the diapers and wipes and cream, etc. ending up in random spots around the house. This caddy is the absolute perfect solution. It's got tons of pockets and detachable dividers, it's stylish and fits just right tucked beside the sofa. Aside from the caddy itself being perfect, it also came with two bibs, two pacifier clips and an adorable little card, which would make it the perfect baby shower gift, card and all! The bibs are so soft and the clips are super cute (one is missing from the photo because it got put to use right away). I honestly couldn't be more pleased.”

Another 5-Star Amazon review states, “Pleasantly surprised. I was expecting something cheap looking and feeling for the cost compared to some other diaper caddies but this one exceeded my expectations. We bought this to store everyday items so we can remove the changing table from the main living area. There is ample room for everything we need it for, plus some. This would be a very handy caddy to take with you on a trip or in a vehicle as it could be used for multiple things. Inside and outside, pockets are very spacious, and the caddy seems to be well constructed and thick. The added bibs and pacifier clips are surprisingly not cheap feeling either. Was expecting some rough, cheap-like material since they were ‘added bonuses,’ but they are of good quality as well.”


Customers may shop for PutskA Diaper Caddy on Amazon or on the company’s official website. The full range of products PutskA currently offers can be found on their website as well.


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