Diamond Rock Spring Water Offers Coffee Delivery

Diamond Rock Spring Water, a Ridgefield Park, New Jersey based company, would like to inform businesses in the area of their coffee and tea delivery services. The company specializes in providing high quality spring water, coffee, tea and related products to clients in the area. New Jersey residents and businesses in need of clean drinking water can have it delivered to their front door simply by informing the company of their requirements.

The company is family owned-and-operated, established in 1994. It is run by Mario Picnich, the owner, and his son, Richard Picinich. The duo are committed to providing each customer with high quality products, competitive pricing and personal service. “Our family also believes in giving back to the community and children’s charities,” says Diamond Rock Spring Water. “We donate water to all local teams and fund raisers hosted by our customers. We sponsor a town softball team and a local soccer team. Our donations include scholarships to graduating seniors and The Gift Of Life Fund, which provides open heart surgery for underprivileged children. We also donate to the ‘Go the Distance for Autism’ charity.”

The company is unique in that one can always find someone to speak to during regular business hours or Saturday mornings. The company always has a highly qualified and knowledgeable member of staff on hand to answer any questions a client might have and help them get the service or products they need. Diamond Rock Spring Water bottles and distributes natural spring water to both residential and commercial accounts all over New Jersey, and the source of their natural spring water is a pristine area in the Kittatinny Mountains (which are protected by land preservation). Their water is government-tested, FDA-approved and licensed by the New Jersey State Department of Health. The company is also a direct distributor of all Keurig K-Cups and Brewers. They offer over a hundred different brands of K-Cups at highly competitive prices.

Diamond Rock Spring Water has come to be known as one of the top suppliers of clean drinking water in the New Jersey area. Businesses and homeowners in need of fresh spring water turn to Diamond Rock for water deliveries. Their coffee, tea and similar products are also known for their high quality. A number of people have left great reviews of Diamond Rock Spring Water, describing their experiences with the company, and these reviews can be found on the company’s GMB listing.

One customer, David, has been using the company’s services for a decade. David shares that, “I visit Diamond Rock frequently to pick up my spring water and coffee. The quality of service and their products surpass all other vendors. I have also had deliveries of both water and coffee to my home. After reading the negative comment about Diamond Rock and its owners/staff, I strongly disagree. Yes, misunderstandings may occur, but Diamond Rock has always had the customers satisfaction and interests in mind.”

A newer customer, J, also left a great review of Diamond Rock Spring Water, stating, “Just signed our company up with water service from them; the owners and staff were so kind and professional. They were able to get our water delivery and cooler out to us the next day. Also threw in some free gallon jugs and a free month. Looking forward to supporting a local business.”

One can also find reviews on the company’s Facebook page. The comments from customers there are quite similar, with many people saying things like, “I have been getting great water from them since 1996! Very reliable company. Whenever I call to reorder and Mario (the owner) answers, he always gives me a warm hello and asks how my family is.”

Another Facebook comment calls Diamond Rock, “my little hidden gem for my water and coffee,” adding that, “Prices are excellent, and the staff couldn't be any nicer! Love them! Go and see for yourself!”

Find out more about the company through their site. One can read more about Diamond Rock Spring Water and how to make orders through this platform, and interested parties are welcome to reach out to Richard Picinich of Diamond Rock Spring Water to follow up on any additional inquiries.


For more information about Diamond Rock Spring Water, contact the company here:

Diamond Rock Spring Water
Richard Picinich
(201) 440-1112
60 Railroad Ave, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660