DEXKIT Reveals Info Regarding Upcoming Apps Being Developed

DEXKIT has revealed some information regarding upcoming apps they are currently developing. Two apps are of particular importance and these are Exchange and Dashboard. The first tool in the DEXKIT toolkit is already available and that is the DEXSwap aggregator. The Exchange and Dashboard are currently being developed as part of the DEXKIT toolkit for decentralized finance (DeFi) for cryptocurrencies.

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DEXKIT is a company that is playing a significant role in making decentralized trading more user-friendly for cryptocurrency holders. The next-generation DeFi toolkit includes a number of apps including a DEX swap aggregator that searches multiple decentralized protocols to perform token swaps, a full-service advanced exchange, an NFT marketplace for digital collectibles, and a dashboard where users can monitor their holdings and perform complex DeFi actions on a single interface. The decentralized exchange is powered by the DEXSwap aggregator, which collects information from more than 14 exchanges to look for the best price and liquidity for tokens. It will provide decentralized traders with advanced tools that have previously been exclusive to centralized crypto exchanges. The dashboard takes the best features from sites like and analytics from sites like and puts them together into an all-in-one portfolio manager with an onboard multi-currency wallet. As the crypto ecosystem continues to expand, DEXKIT believes its tools will be immensely useful to newcomers in the space who are looking to trade with cryptocurrency.

DEXKIT is based on established open source technology and will include exclusive features that will only be available to KIT token holders that use the platform. Users may be able to trade various kinds of tokens, such as DOT, ETH, and BTC directly from the Dashboard wallet. The complete suite of DEXKIT tools can be branded and implemented in any WordPress compatible website. There are a number of high-profile cryptocurrency projects that have already partnered with DEXKIT and launched branded tools; and Peerex network to name a few. KIT token holders can participate in staking in order to receive monthly payouts from the DEXKIT fee pool. This option is a way that holders can use their KIT tokens to earn passive income.

The DEXKIT Exchange is a professional cryptocurrency exchange that works in the same way as a centralized exchange but takes advantage of decentralized protocols and liquidity. The Exchange tool will provide the end-user with detailed information regarding tokens. It will also feature limit orders that can be placed to the Ethereum network without fees; cross-protocol analytics like a depth chart and an order book; and margin trading. The DEXKIT Exchange has several features including decentralized limit and stop limit orders; permissionless listing; leverage trading; depth chart, trading history, and trading graphs; order book with liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges; non-custodial asset management such that users can have full control of their tokens until the trade has been settled; free order cancellation and order placements; trading bots that can place multiple orders; and DEXKIT’s core aggregator technology that ensures the best price for each trade. DEXKIT's end goal is to create a comprehensive platform that makes exchanging cryptos safer and easier.

The Dashboard tool serves to link all of the deployed DEXKIT tools in an easy to use interface. It utilizes the underlying aggregator technology to power a suite of apps designed to interoperate and make investing and managing crypto portfolios easier and streamlined. The Dashboard hosts a portfolio manager and a next-generation wallet that has several unique features. The portfolio manager gives users full control and access to their portfolio by allowing them to perform swaps and monitor their portfolios from a single interface. It will also include advanced decentralized finance tools where users are able to monitor their DeFi holdings and also complete several complex actions with just a click. The Dashboard is vital for people who own diverse decentralized crypto portfolios. Those who want to know more about DEXKIT can visit their Twitter page at

Another app that is being developed by DEXKIT is the non-fungible token (NFT) Marketplace. NFTs are considered to be next upcoming hype wave in cryptocurrency and the NFT Marketplace has several planned features. These include: a marketplace wizard that allows collectors to customize their gallery to have the look and feel of their collectibles; free placement of sell orders for NFTs; a customizable fee structure for NFT sales; support for ERC1155 and ERC721 tokens; and a dashboard wizard for managing profits, trades, and marketplace features.

People who want to learn more about the upcoming apps may want to visit the DEXKIT website at, or contact them via email.


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