DEXKIT Partners With SoMee.Social

DEXKIT is proud to announce a new partnership with SoMee is a WEB3 decentralized social media site that currently has around 80,000 users. The social media platform has partnered with DEXKIT in a bid to integrate the latter’s swap/market-making tools into Learn more about DEXKIT here:

Both companies believe that this partnership is going to be a huge step forward for their respective platforms. SoMee will be able to offer DEXKIT's unique and powerful cryptocurrency instruments to its users and give people more reasons to engage. Peer-to-peer Token swaps, atomic swaps and NFT trading will all be supported, along with tools such as DEXKIT's flagship aggregator and exchange platform. Users will also be able to take advantage of an integrated, multicurrency wallet, which will conveniently house an array of coins and tokens. This is particularly exciting because is currently undertaking a massive marketing push, working with a huge number of prominent influencers while trying to bring in new users. The partnership is intended to mutually benefit both projects and provide users with increased usability and value.

SoMee is a decentralized social media platform that allows end users to monetize all content and also allows brands to gain valuable data points through a consent-based advertising system which crucially does not exploit user data. It is worth noting that SoMee does not package or share user data and instead allows each user to choose what information they want to share with advertisers and earn money in this process. This can be considered a win/win for end users and brands. The SoMee platform is entirely gamified and allows users to earn staking, content and curation rewards. The nature of the platform makes its partnership with DEXKIT even more effective as it allows for a larger range of services for the users of both platforms. SoMee also combines a social media hub — which allows for streamlining posts to all social media from a single platform. Keep up with the latest from DEXKIT here:

DEXKIT's flagship tool is their Swap Aggregator, which is a crypto swap platform that scans 13 of the most popular decentralized exchanges to ensure that one is always getting the best price with the most reliable liquidity. The tool also boasts an easy-to-use Uniswap-style interface. The swap aggregator is DexKit’s flagship offering and is the first in a suite of advanced, decentralized tools that no cryptocurrency investor should be without. The tool is a unique solution to a difficult problem, which is that DEXs do not offer enough transparency when it comes to price impact, liquidity pools and slippage tolerance. The solution to this was the DEXSwap aggregator.

Users familiar with swap sites will immediately feel right at home when they see the interface. In the background, DEXSwap quickly scans the following DEXs: 0x, Balancer, Bancor, Curve, DODO, Kyber, Mooniswap, mStable, Oasis, Shell, Sushiswap, Swerve and Uniswap. The DEXKIT tool will always pick whichever DEX that hosts the best price and liquidity to execute the swap. The final result is that the traders using the platform will end up with more tokens for their trade. The DEXKIT website emphasizes that this result is guaranteed for users of their DEXSwap Aggregator.

The team of developers at DEXKIT understand that it is extremely important that swaps are made quickly and seamlessly. It is this understanding that makes the aggregator so useful. The team at DEXKIT believes that a user would be able to save a lot of time and money employing their DEXKIT technology to help complete trades — while also having the added benefit of limiting the risks associated with using decentralized exchanges. The team acknowledges that almost everyone who has used a decentralized platform can understand the frustration that is the result of missing a trade by minutes or even mere seconds. With the use of the DEXKIT aggregator, however, one can conveniently find the best value and make profitable trades quickly and seamlessly. Through their new partnership with SoMee.Social, the team hopes to expand their reach to even more users so that they too may experience the convenience of using the DEXKIT tools. The existing users of the SoMee social media platform will also benefit from becoming users of the DEXKIT tools now available to them.

To learn more about DexKit, one may visit their official website. Further inquiries may also be addressed by emailing the DEXKIT team.


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Joao Campos