Dexkit: Kit Token Sale Is Completed

DEXKIT, a cryptocurrency project that offers tools to crypto traders and creators alike, is pleased to announce the completion of the KIT token sale and the commencement of BITT tokens being farmed.

In brief, DEXKIT is a next-generation DEX that uses technology based on the ZRX protocol to create advanced trading, swapping, atomic swapping, and market making tools for decentralized erc20 and erc721 white-label solutions. DEXKIT offers customizable ‘toolKITs’ that will empower traders to make profitable, well-informed trades. The aforementioned tools will allow users to place leverage, 'stop/limit', and private orders, deploy arbitrage bots, create NFT marketplaces, track 0x mesh liquidity and view stats on decentralized protocols, as well as earn from arbitraged orders (i.e. arbitrage mining).

DEXKIT just completed their token sale, successfully raising over 1,100 ETH. The KIT token offers incentives to holders through staking, farming, discounted fees, and access to exclusive features. Token holders that stake their KIT will secure a monthly ETH payout issued by the fee pool generated by deployed DEXKIT products. Anyone who holds at least 750 KIT tokens can take advantage of a 90% discount on fees when using the DEXSwap aggregator. As more DEXKIT features are released, users will be required to hold KIT to utilize advanced features. The DEXKIT development team is currently working on products such as a full-service decentralized exchange that offers an order book style trading experience, a customizable NFT marketplace, and a dashboard for owners of DEXKIT tools.

The KIT token has been distributed to buyers and the BITT farming protocol is now live. To participate, users must provide ETH and KIT to the liquidity pool and stake their liquidity tokens in the farming contract. Once LP tokens are staked, holders will farm a secondary token, BITT. Stakeholders can remove their tokens at any time and all accrued BITT tokens will be automatically withdrawn. Token farming will continue until a total of 784,000 BITT tokens have been farmed on December 21st at 12:00 AM (UTC). BITT is a community token that will have numerous use-cases. When one holds at least 2500 BITT tokens in their wallet, they receive a 90% fee discount at, a Bitboy Crypto branded aggregator powered by DEXKIT. The token will also have usability within the discord chat platform and the highly anticipated Sandbox game. BITT is a community-led token and will evolve with the macro crypto ecosystem. Learn more here: BITT Token Farming.

Thanks to the DEXKIT ToolKit, there is now a new set of tools for market-making and trading in cryptocurrencies that makes things a whole lot easier, and cheaper. DEXKIT's swap aggregator is now available to all interested parties and has already become a staple to many traders. It is sure to become a must-have for anyone new to the cryptocurrency space. One can follow the company on Twitter for all the latest updates.

As time goes by, there is hardly a day that passes without the announcement of another crypto-token, NFT, or exchange. With so many different options to choose from, crypto users need cutting edge tools to trade and exchange without losing value through expensive commissions and extortionate rates. The DEXKIT ToolKit consists of their aggregator, NFT marketplace, and exchange which can be branded and launched on existing websites. As the company’s head Developer explains, “Additionally, the KIT Dashboard platform will manage all these platforms easily for crypto users, so they can manage their portfolios and create KIT tasks.”

DEXKIT's flagship tool the DEXSwap aggregator is a crypto swap platform that scans 13 of the most popular decentralized exchanges to ensure that one is always getting the best price with the most reliable liquidity. The DEXKIT team knows that it is important that swaps are made quickly and seamlessly. This is why the aggregator is so useful. The company believes that one would be able to save a lot of time and money employing their technology to help complete trades while limiting the risks associated with using decentralized exchanges. Almost everyone who has used a decentralized platform knows the frustration that comes with missing a trade by minutes or even seconds. With the aggregator, however, one can easily find the best value and make profitable trades quickly and seamlessly.

To learn more about the company, one can visit the official website. One can also contact the team directly via email.


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Joao Campos