Destination Paradise Uploads Norway 4 K Relaxation Film

Cornelia, GA based Destination Paradise recently published ‘Norway 4K Relaxation Film | Scenic Drone Film Calming Music | Norge 4K Avslapningsfilm.’ As the name of this video suggests, these videos were created to showcase the beauty of Norway and to provide the viewers with a scenic and soothing way to relax. Destination Paradise is a fast-growing YouTube channel, and one which is rapidly gaining popularity because of its stunning, high-resolution drone videos of premier travel destination from all around the world.

Greg Webster, the channel’s host and video creator, takes pride in the fact that there are no strings attached to the films and they are free to watch and completely ad-free. This new video entails drone footage that was shot in locations across Norway and has relaxing ambient music playing in the background. The video highlights the beauty that is the Scandinavian country of Norway, encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. The video explores the beauty of Oslo, the capital city, in all its glory of green spaces and museums. Some of the more notable sights are the preserved 9th-century Viking ships displayed at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum, the busy city of Bergen with colorful wooden houses, which is the starting point for cruises to the dramatic Sognefjord. The Sognefjord or Sognefjorden is aptly nicknamed the King of the Fjords and is the largest and deepest fjord in Norway. Norway is also known for fishing, hiking and skiing, notably at Lillehammer’s Olympic resort.

Webster remarks, “As I was editing this video and adding the music to it, it occurred to me that I had never seen a landscape as unique and scenic as that of Norway. Though it would be quite a distance to travel, that is why I created this YouTube channel. Not only do I want people to relax and unwind when they watch my channel’s videos, I also hope it provides them with a glimpse of some beautiful places around the world. It is even better if it inspires some of my viewers to actually visit some of these amazing Nordic destinations.” The video also showcases the exquisite and tranquil natural landscape, including glorious footage of the Lovatnet lake, with a view that takes flight over the clouds. Lovatnet is a lake in the Stryn municipality in Westland County. The lake boasts a unique beauty in the unusual green color that comes from the melting water from the glaciers that lie on the mountain peaks around.

The video provides a beautiful view of the Lofoten islands, an archipelago in the county of Nordland. It is known for its distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays and untouched lands. From granite mountains to idyllic fishing villages and remarkable beaches that seem so out of place in Arctic Norway, Lofoten has it all. The aerial view of the Latefossen is also quite breathtaking. It is one of the most visited waterfalls in Norway, located near Skare and Odda in the region Hordaland, Norway. It consists of two separate streams flowing down from the lake Lovatnet. The clear blue river at Morkidsdalen park in Skjolden and the aerial views of Nesseby, Uvjarohtu and Alta all highlight the unique landscapes, flora and fauna of Norway.

The harbour with boats and colorful houses in Alesund, the lake in between snowy mountains in Jotunheimen National Park and the towering waterfall in Geiranger national park are captured in stunning footage in this video, accompanied by relaxing and soothing music. The serenity of Norway’s scenery is truly enhanced by the choice of music and is bound to help viewers relax.

Webster states that this is just one of the many different nature relaxation videos that can be seen on the Destination Paradise YouTube channel. Other videos highlight equally beautiful destinations, including some beautiful aerial footage shot amid the timeless Romanian Countryside, serene Greek destinations, amazing views of the Grand Canyon, captivating African landscapes and more. The YouTube channel host and video creator continues to dedicate his efforts to posting these unique, high-resolution drone videos on his channel on a regular schedule. Webster also highlights that he gladly welcomes any feedback or comments on the videos that have been posted. He is known among his viewers for taking the time to personally respond to many of those that leave a comment or ask a question about each video.

For those interested in viewing more videos created by Webster, one may visit the Destination Paradise YouTube channel and preferred social media pages. He may also be contacted via phone or email.

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