Destination Paradise Shares New Austria 4 K Relaxation Film

Destination Paradise, a Cornelia, Georgia based company, is reaching out to the community to share a new relaxation film that highlights some of the most beautiful scenery and landscapes in Austria. The company’s Youtube channel offers a rich variety of videos from numerous locations that are similarly compelling and calming in nature.

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Austria receives thousands of visitors a year who are looking to get a first-hand experience of the beautiful vistas and history-rich destinations that the country has to offer. Destination Paradise is trying to reach these traveling enthusiasts through their new video, showing them a unique view of many of the most popular travel destinations in the country. For those who are planning on a trip to these destinations or want to watch the video and relax, the Austria 4K video shows a unique perspective of the already popular landscape that very few get to experience.

Austria 4K

Greg Webster, a representative of Destination Paradise, states, "We are very proud of how we managed to capture the beauty of the country through our new film. The drone-shot video shows many beautiful locations throughout Austria, and it combines amazing video footage with relaxing ambient music. It should be a great guide for those looking to discover Austria, as even though this landlocked East Alpine country is widely popular among tourists traveling through central Europe, most of them don't know the best places to visit while in the country."

Austria is composed of nine federated states, one of which is Vienna, Austria's capital and largest city. This is where their video starts, showing an aerial view of Vienna before quickly moving on to the Hallstatt Traditional Village on the Lake between Austria's alp mountains. At first sight, this may seem like a small, green village that does not offer many points of interest to travelers. However, it remains one of Austria's most popular destinations.

Hallstatt attracts around 10,000 daily visitors, and it is widely popular among influencers for its scenic beauty and pleasing aesthetic. Visitors are drawn to this destination and its charming homes and cafes, beautiful backdrops and prime location on the water. Despite receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors on any given month, the small village maintains its rustic, welcoming feeling, and visitors claim to enjoy their stay in the small town even during its busiest days.

The video also shows an aerial view of a Mountain lake near Ellmau, showing the Wilderkaiser mountains in the background. At another point, they show another Austrian village and an old Church on a hill that is filled with history. It is a popular destination in the area, attracting visitors who are eager to learn more about the town's culture and rich history.

The Destination Paradise drone video also takes a trip all the way to the Neue Burg-Baroque palace, which nowadays serves as the residence and workplace of the President of Austria. Also known as the Hofburg Palace, this is the former principal imperial palace of the Habsburg dynasty. It is located in the center of Vienna, and it was built in the 13th century and expanded several times afterward. The palace faces the Heldenplatz (Heroes Square) ordered under the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I, as part of what was planned to become the Kaiserforum but which was never completed.

This is one of the prime locations to visit in Vienna, as gathered here are many of the most important locations that have (at one point or another) marked important points in the history of Austria. It is not only a show of rich history but also remarkable architecture, as many notable architects have worked on the palace's structure and its numerous expansions. Some of the older parts of the palace date all the way back to the 13th century, though one can see each expansion as a show of the growth in power and influence of Austrian rulers.

Those interested in planning an event to Austria or any other location across the globe may reach out to Destination Paradise to request more assistance or help identifying the right resources. Their YouTube channel features videos on many other popular locations, as well as some beach drone videos and so on that illustrate the beauty of these destinations.


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