Destination Paradise Releases The Tennessee 4 K Relaxation Film On Its Youtube Channel

Destination Paradise, a Youtube channel creating scenic relaxation videos by combining footage of the natural landscapes and cityscapes of popular locations around the world, has released the Tennessee 4K Relaxation Film. The video is an homage to beautiful scenery and the impressive history of The Volunteer State.

The video from Destination Paradise is full of grand vistas from across the state, that contain eye-catching points of interest such as waterfalls, rivers, cityscapes, lush woods, bridges, and many others. The video utilizes drones to get exhilarating aerial angles and time-lapse shots from places such as Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Tennessee 4K

Tennessee is located in the Southeastern region of the United States and is home to almost 7 million citizens according to the 2020 census. The state is divided broadly into the three Grand Divisions of East, Middle, and West Tennessee. Its capital, Nashville, is also the largest city and the largest metropolitan area in the state. The state was initially a part of North Carolina, and later the Southwest Territory before it was admitted into the Union as the 16th state. The state got its nickname, “The Volunteer State”, due to the valor displayed by volunteer soldiers during the War of 1812 under the leadership of General Andrew Jackson.

Before the American Civil War, Tennessee was a slave state, albeit with a population that was almost equally split on the issue of slavery. The western and middle parts supported the Confederacy while the eastern region supported the Union. As a result, the state was the last to secede and the first to be readmitted to the Union after the Civil War was over.

Today, the state is known for its role in the popularization of various forms of contemporary music such as country, blues, rock and roll, soul, and gospel. Before its rise as a cultural powerhouse, however, the state had a primarily agriculture-based economy. During the 20th century, it shifted to a diversified economy that is today dominated by health care, music, financial services, automotive, chemical, electronics, and tourism sectors. The state also played a major role during World War II when it housed the Manhattan project’s uranium enrichment facilities.

Geographically, the state has a diverse terrain that features a mix of characteristics of the Appalachia, the Upland South, and the Deep South. The Blue Ridge mountains to the east have plenty of imposing peaks that reach high elevations. The Cumberland Plateau is home to many scenic valleys and waterfalls. The central part of the state is characterized by cavernous bedrock and irregular rolling hills. West Tennessee comprises mostly of level, fertile plains that are good for agriculture. The state also boasts the presence of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the country’s most visited national park.

Visitors to Tennessee can plan to attend the weekly American country music stage concert in Nashville, The Grand Ole Opry, or spend some time in Music Row, a historic district that is at the heart of the state’s country music heritage. The Country Music Hall of Fame is another downtown Nashville attraction that should keep fans of music busy for a while. Those heading to Memphis can plan to visit Beale Street, one of the country’s most iconic streets, and the birthplace of Rock n Roll, or Graceland, a mansion estate in the city that was once owned by legendary singer and actor Elvis Presley.

The video from Destination Paradise has over 3000 views that it managed to gain in a short time span of 2 months. As of the time of writing, the video has no dislikes, which echoes the sentiments expressed in the comment section that praise the production quality of the video and the soothing nature of its presentation. Readers can find many more such mountain drone videos shot at locations all over the world such as Africa, Portugal, The Maldives, and many others by heading over to the Destination Paradise Youtube channel.


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