Destination Paradise Publishes New Australia 4 K Relaxation Film

Cornelia, GA based Destination Paradise is pleased to bring the best of what Australia has to offer to audiences around the world. The YouTube channel has garnered over 800,000 views since their inception only a few short years ago, and recently refocused their efforts on exploring the world’s most beautiful landscapes in order to capture them in stunning 4K detail.

In Australia 4K, which can be found alongside more than 30 other videos that similarly take the channel’s audiences to spell-binding locations, the team takes their drones and camera to the world’s sixth-largest country to discover its sprawling coasts, deserts and even cities. For instance, the opening of the video prominently features the iconic Sydney Opera House, known around the globe for its distinctive petal shaped architecture (which is said to be inspired by various representations of nature, from bird wings and the shape and form of clouds to shells, walnuts and palm trees). This multi-venue performing arts centre also sits on the Sydney Harbour, which Pixar movie lovers may recognize from a prominent entry in the studio’s works.

Australia 4K

While Australia is known for being hot and arid, it is also home to lush jungles that are teeming with incredible biodiversity. Flora and fauna of all kinds can be found in Australia, which may also lend weight to the country’s reputation for being home to some of the world’s most dangerous creatures. Destination Paradise, however, is always keen to find serenity in every location they visit and present these views for their audience’s enjoyment. As such, viewers can expect to see more of the country’s calming sights, including waves gently crashing into sandy beaches or even wallabies foraging for food.

Australia’s countryside is also vast, often stretching unbroken as far as the eye can see. In certain locations, it is easy to forget that the country hosts great cities and other evidence of human accomplishment simply due to the fact that so much of it remains entirely untamed.

However, that does not mean that there is no beauty to be found in cities. Sydney alone, which Australia 4K explores at length, has some of the best examples of a concrete jungle that anyone can find, yet it also harbors an impressively clean elegance that is difficult to locate anywhere else. Destination Paradise heavily favors the use of drone photography as well, which means the perspectives they are able to capture far exceed what tourists who visit in person will be able to see for themselves. This is clear only a few minutes into the video, highlighting the city’s majestic beauty under a typical day as well as offering a look at how it comes alive at night.

Australia’s western coast is also one location where jagged, rocky cliffs may be found rising out of the coastline, slowly yet surely being worn smooth by the undulating waves. While visitors may be able to carefully explore the tops of these cliffs and peer over the edge, Destination Paradise captures what it is like to look down on these impressive vistas from high above. The sense of scale this delivers helps instill a more accurate picture of just how vast and varied the country can be, especially with regard to how easily its natural wonders can eclipse its artificial structures.

The video also emphasizes how much this country is a kaleidoscope of contrasting colours, from the rich and vibrant blues of its beaches to the lush greens of its jungles. Even rock faces can show life, with mossy outcrops and other small plants dotting their surfaces. About 40% of Australia is also covered in dunes, perhaps making rich reds, browns and oranges the most prominent colours on its canvas.

Destination Paradise offers viewers a growing selection of nature relaxation videos to browse through, each taking the channel’s audience on a journey through the most beautiful locations in the world. They welcome any comments and suggestions regarding future videos from their community, and those who wish to collaborate with the team or follow up on any further inquiries are welcome to contact Greg Webster of Destination Paradise for further details.


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