Destination Paradise Posts Germany 4 K Relaxation Film

Destination Paradise has recently posted online a 50-minute long Germany 4K relaxation film taken using an aerial drone. This YouTube video is designed not just to make a person feel calm but also explore the amazing sights found in the country of Germany. Germany is located between the Baltic and North seas to the north and the Alps to the south. With a population of more than 83 million, it is the most populous member state of the European Union and it is second only to Russia in terms of population in Europe. It has an area of 357,022 square kilometers. It is bordered to the north by Denmark, to the east by the Czech Republic, to the south by Austria and Switzerland, and to the west by the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.

Germany’s biggest city and its capital is Berlin, while its financial center is Frankfurt, and the biggest urban area is the Ruhr. It is the seventh biggest country in Europe. Majority of Germany has a temperate climate, ranging from oceanic in the north to continental in the southeast and east. The northern regions have prevailing westerly winds that carry the moist air from the North Sea into the country, serving to moderate the temperature and boosting the precipitation. On the other hand, the southeast regions of Germany have more extreme temperatures.

Germany 4K

Some of the scenes featured in the Germany video footage are: Berlin Brandenburg Gate; Marienplatz town hall and Frauenkirche in Munich; aerial shot of Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, Bavaria, Germany; aerial view of beautiful Hintersee Lake in the evening; Ramsau, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria; Spree River aerial view flyover in Berlin; panorama from the air Forggensee and Schwangau, Bavaria; aerial shot of the Pilgrimage Church of St. Coloman near Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria; Erfurt Germany Martin Luther Monastary Church Reformation; aerial shot of the Pilgrimage Church of St. Coloman near Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria; Hohenzollern Castle; Neuschwanstein Castle Bavarian Alps; aerial fly towards church Maria Gern on a sunny day; Mount Watzmann in background, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria; aerial view of Reichstag in Berlin 4K; overview of Southwest Bavaria Germany 4k; medieval buildings of Fussen on the banks of the river Lech; royal dynasties of Europe; Neuschwanstein castle in Germany; 4k aerial view of Torgau Castle; fly over Schloss Hartenfels; and Hohenzollern Castle, Germany.

Other scenes in the video include the: Neuschwanstein Castle Bavarian Alps; Forggensee and Schwangau, Bavaria; aerial view of elevated Highway A1 with traffic, Mosel Valley , Riol, Rhineland-Palatinate; Wimbachklamm gorge in Southern Bavaria; people taking Gondola ride on Neckar River in Tubingen Germany 4k; Marienplatz town hall and Frauenkirche in Munich; Berlin Cathedral 4K; beech forest in spring, Kollig, Rhineland-Palatinate; Niederbaumbrucke Bridge with people and cars moving above, HafenCity, Hamburg; aerial fly over Hintersee Lake, Ramsau, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria; Konigsee lake in Bavarian Alps; aerial view of Rottenburg am Neckar; aerial fly over near church Maria Gern on sunny day, with Mount Watzmann in background, Berchtesgaden, Bavaria; Palatinate Forest near Annweiler, Rhineland-Palatinate; aerial view of campers on mountain peak during sunrise, Allgäu; landscape with fog at sunrise, Saargau, Kirf, Rhineland-Palatinate; and a beautiful view of the Konigsee lake near Jenner mount in Berchtesgaden National Park, Upper Bavarian Alps.

With regards to biodiversity, Germany has five terrestrial ecoregions, specifically the: Baltic mixed forests, Central European mixed forests, Atlantic mixed forests, Alps conifer and mixed forests, and Western European broadleaf forests. The animals and plants in Germany include those that are typically found in Central Europe. According to the National Forest Inventory, oaks, beeches, and other deciduous trees make up more than 40 percent of the forests in Germany. Approximately 60 percent are conifers, specifically pine and spruce.

Germany has 16 national parks, including the Vorpommern Lagoon Area National Park, the Müritz National Park, the Jasmund National Park, the Harz National Park, the Hainich National Park, the Wadden Sea National Parks, the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Bavarian Forest National Park, the Black Forest National Park, and the Berchtesgaden National Park.

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