Destination Paradise Posts Arizona 4 K Relaxation Film on YouTube

Destination Paradise has recently released an hour-long Arizona 4K relaxation film taken using an aerial drone and by other means. The video can be viewed on its YouTube channel. Arizona is a southwestern U.S. state, and is best known for the Grand Canyon, the mile-deep chasm that was carved by the Colorado River. Flagstaff, a ponderosa pine–covered mountain town in Arizona, is a primary gateway to the Grand Canyon. Other natural sites found in the state, include the Saguaro National Park, which protects the cactus-filled Sonoran Desert landscape. Tucson is home to the University of Arizona territory and also for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

Arizona is the sixth largest and the 14th most populous among the 50 states. Its capital is Phoenix, which is also its biggest city. Historically, Arizona was part of the territory of Alta California in New Spain and later on, in 1821, it became part of independent Mexico. After Mexico was defeated by the US, Mexico ceded a large portion of the state to the US in 1848. And the southernmost part of the state was bought by the US in 1853 through the Gadsden Purchase.

Arizona 4K

Stunning scenes from the Arizona video footage include: saguaro cactus on the Sonoran desert in Arizona; the camera zooming in on a peaceful young woman with flying hair watching an epic sunset panorama over Grand Canyon in slow motion; copper capitol roof and statue in Front of Phoenix Skyline; hiker looking into the Grand Canyon; aerial view of the Arizona Grand Canyon; 4K aerial video of Grand Canyon National Park; aerial view of Arizona Flagstaff; 4k aerial video of Flagstaff; video from drone flying low above ground with American sandstone landscape covered with rocks and stones in sunset Arizona; time-lapse panorama view of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona; view of Saguaro National Park in Arizona; iconic American landscape with cactus, trees, vegetation, plant flora, and natural beauty in the US; and more.

Other scenes in the drone footage include: a view of a town at the entrance to Sedona Arizona; 4K time-lapse sequence of Monument Valley; white statue above the city of Phoenix; video taken by drone rising near large desert sandstone mountain; stunning view of sunny American canyon cliffs skyline on a sunny day; highway to Red Rocks of Sedona; video taken by drone flying above the beautiful empty desert road in a big saguaro cactus field in Arizona; aerial footage of a butte in Arizona; Phoenix Arizona in front of desert mountains; video from drone flying low above dry sandstone desert and truck on a small road, with a beautiful sunny flat mountains skyline; Red Bell Rock in Sedona; aerial view of Phoenix; 4K aerial video of Phoenix Arizona; and more.

More scenes from the drone video footage include; a view into the Grand Canyon; landscape and nature concept - aerial view of Grand Canyon cliffs and arid river bed from a helicopter; video taken by drone following a silver car driving along a famous sunny American desert highway road in Monuments Valley in Arizona and Utah; Arizona Football Stadium; classic Catholic church in Arizona; scenes taken by drone flying forward above large Saguaro cactus scenic desert field valley in a national park reserve Arizona; Grand Canyon National Park sunset; 4K UHD panning shot of Lake Powell in Arizona; flying aerial views of Arizona Flagstaff; 4k aerial video of Flagstaff; a small town in Arizona; canyons in Lake Powell; aerial view of Arizona Grand Canyon; and 4K aerial video of Grand Canyon National Park; standing on the Corner Park in Winslow, Arizona, commemorating the song "Take It Easy" by the Eagles; view of American city along Route 66; tourist destination on a highway in the USA; train on railroad tracks near Meteor City, Arizona; and view of American desert landscape in the Southwest and railway transportation of goods.

The Sonoran Desert is a North American desert and ecoregion that encompasses large portions of the Southwestern US in Arizona and California, including Northwestern Mexico in Sonora, Baja California.

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