Destination Paradise Announces the Uploading of an Incredible France 4 K Relaxation Film to Its YouTube Channel

Destination Paradise is a YouTube channel that is becoming popular for the high-resolution scenic videos that it posts. Many of which are shot in locations all over the world using drone video that provides access to places where regular filmmakers simply cannot go. This makes for some spectacular footage. The latest upload to its YouTube channel is a France 4K Relaxation Film. It makes for a very pleasant watch which its tranquil and calming music playing in the background.

Greg Webster, Destination Paradise’s creator, says, “Just because the ability to travel freely has taken a hit in the last year because of the pandemic does not mean that people should not be able to relive some memories of the favorite places they visited or be able to get a glimpse of some of the destinations on their bucket list. That’s exactly why I like posting these incredible high-resolution videos on my YouTube channel. They are definitely the next best thing to being there. This latest France 4K video is one of the more comprehensive videos of a country that I have ever uploaded onto my channel.”

France 4K

The France 4k video starts with a beautiful film capture of a winding river in the French countryside that really sets the tone for the entire relaxation video. What makes this opening shot even more appealing is that it was shot during the change to the fall season and all of the vivid colors that go along with that. Next, there was a beautiful coastline shot that spliced into some of the only handheld footage in the film that included the Eiffel Tower. Webster added that he was happy that this video of France was able to include some footage from just about every corner of it. That includes shots from the seascape that surrounds the marine city of Nice France and many of the yachts, boats, and ships that often dock there.

On the western edge of France, there was also some nice drone footage of the Normandy region. Drone shots of the coastal area of the region remind the viewers of all the history that once took place there in World War II. On the opposite end of the southern coast, the French Riviera city of Menton and all of its beauty were nicely captured. This area featured not only some great footage of the city’s harbor and coastal area but also its iconic Basilica of Saint-Michel-Archangel. Webster pointed out that this newly posted video also included some eye-opening scenes that were filmed by drone near the River Orb, Le Pont Vieux, and the famous Cathédrale Saint-Nazaire in Béziers.

Other highlights of the France 4K video include scenes from the Franco-Italian border with the Alps in the background that also includes amazing drone footage of a sunset over Le Mont Blanc in that part of the French Alps. He also mentioned that this is quickly becoming one of his favorite additions to what he likes to refer to as Destination Paradise mountain drone videos. That’s those videos that contain main exclusive drone video shots of otherwise unobtainable mountainous locations. Webster stated that he was very pleased with how the video included both major and minor cities, had footage of seaside cliffs as well as more rural areas and even managed to include shots of some old castles and other pieces of history.

Webster went on to talk about some of the other newer videos that were posted to the Destination Paradise YouTube channel. This includes a Switzerland 4K scenic mountain nature drone relaxation video with ambient music and a New Zealand 4K scenic relaxation film that also has calming background music. Virtually every country has drone video representation on the Destination Paradise YouTube channel. He has also uploaded videos of all 50 of the states in the USA and videos that are completely centered on specific scenic attractions in America. Webster says that he looks forward to adding many more breathtaking and relaxing high-resolution films to the Destination Paradise YouTube channel very soon.


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