Destin Pontoon Boat Rental Company Now Accepting Reservations

Destin, Florida -

Destin, FL based Sunshine Watersports is now accepting new reservations for pontoon boat rentals. Those interested may rent a boat for either half day or full day sessions and can visit the website for more information:

As a family owned-and-operated company, Sunshine Watersports recognizes that an adventure on the water is perfect for a family outing. This is one reason they designed their service to accommodate groups as large as 12, enabling a great bonding experience between multiple members. The company however, wants to clarify that a boat can only be rented by those 18 years of age or above. The State of Florida also requires that renters either have a NASBLA Certified Boaters License or be born in/before 1987.

Fortunately, this need not be an impossible or even arduous obstacle to overcome. The company explains that anyone interested in taking a boat out for an upcoming trip can simply take a Temporary FL Boaters License Test, which is valid for one year upon completion (the License can be received by email). Sunshine Watersports adds that a license is required if the group plans to fish off their pontoon boat rental as well. This is a relatively easy process and the company welcomes all inquiries from those who would like more guidance on the matter. Fishing gear can also be purchased from another business located close to Sunshine Watersports, Half Hitch Tackle. The company recommends their products for catch-and-release as well as other purposes. Sunshine Watersports can be found at 500 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL 32541, and Half Hitch Tackle is only a short walk away from their front door.

At Sunshine Watersports, the customer’s experience during the booking process and on the water is of the highest priority. The company makes it their mission to ensure that reservations can be made as conveniently as possible, and they offer numerous amenities that are designed to make the trip as pleasant as possible for all visitors (such as helping them with their items). Sunshine Watersports will be accepting reservations starting in March. They understand that many can spend hours traveling on the road before they ever reach the premises, and they will be eager to set off on the water. As such, they have implemented a swift check-in procedure that effectively allows customers to get started on their adventure almost immediately.

This is evident in the reviews posted online by customers. In a 5-Star review, Charles P. shares that their group had a, “Great experience with this place. Easy to book online (and cheaper than most other places). Fastest check-in process I've ever experienced at a boat rental place. Alex got us situated and on the boat in less than five minutes. Then, he ran through everything we needed to know about the local area and was there on the dock when we got back. The pontoon boat was clean and ran very well. Will be back for sure!”

Sunshine Watersports will provide an orientation upon arrival to ensure that their customers have a foundation of safety knowledge as well as recommendations on possible directions to take once they set off on the water. Safety equipment, including life jackets, is included with every boat as well, and the company encourages customers to ask as many questions as they want before they take the boat out. To inquire about reservations or any of the company’s services, customers may contact David Sherman of Sunshine Watersports. They may also visit the company's Twitter page here to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.


For more information about Sunshine Watersports, contact the company here:

Sunshine Watersports
David Sherman
500 Harbor Blvd
Destin, FL 32541