Desmond Soon: A Proven Results Business Coach

Vancouver, BC based Desmond Soon Education & Coaching is pleased to offer business coaching and consultations that can help businesses of all types and sizes grow. Their founder and head consultant, Desmond Soon, is a top-rated financial advisor known for creating highly-effective strategies in business, sales and closing.

Soon is a financial advisor, entrepreneur and business development consultant who specializes in mentorship and entrepreneurship. He is a senior advisor for many top-performing businesses in Canada, having previously worked as an executive director for business development, sales, account managing and social media. He was also the CEO, board member and shareholder of a trading and consulting company for almost 10 years as well as a PR and communication partner in a restaurant. In addition, Soon is a Certified Professional Property Administrator (CPPA) who is also Frictionless sales certified, Hubspot sales software certified and inbound certified.

He acquired licenses in sales enablement and sales management as well as a video marketing specialist. Soon’s diverse experiences shaped him into becoming an exemplary business professional with immense knowledge in business administration, PR, marketing and much more. His experiences allowed him to share his knowledge with beginners as he became a business coach and consultant in recent years. Learn more here: Desmond LinkedIn.

Prior to his retirement, he became a mentor for influencers who wished to succeed on Youtube and other social media platforms. His professional advice and guidance helped many Youtubers gain hundreds of thousands of followers in no time. He also shared insight in scaling businesses, creating strong sales teams, improving business processes and bringing positive growth to an organization. Desmond Soon retired a few years ago, which hindered him from helping those who needed him. Due to ongoing public demand, however, Soon has now opened his own Youtube channel to help more people establish their own businesses.

The Desmond Soon Youtube channel is home to informative and inspiring videos where the consultant shares tips and tricks on how entrepreneurs can maximize the potential of their businesses. The channel is personally managed by Soon himself to ensure that every piece of content uploaded is backed up with his experience and immense knowledge in entrepreneurship and business development. His videos contain book reviews, his experiences in attending conferences attended by notable personalities and more of his knowledge in entrepreneurship that helped hundreds of others establish their businesses. He also provides tips to enhance necessary skills in setting up a start-up business, such as public speaking, leadership, negotiating, content creating and so on.

In his latest video, ‘How to Grow your Business in 2021,’ Soon and fellow business consultant and coach Thomas discuss the process of growing a small business into a large one. They explore the different strategies that can be used by entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses. Soon and Chan also highlight the importance of utilizing social media to grow a business in this day and age. Last but not least, the duo touch on the advantages of using Instagram and other tools necessary to publicize and widen the reach of a business. Soon also enjoys making content where he reflects on his life as a father, husband, partner, friend and more.

His co-workers have also said great things about Desmond Soon. In a LinkedIn statement, Naomi says, “As the right-hand man of the king of High Ticket Closer, Dan Lok, Desmond demonstrates strong leadership in the HTC community. Desmond supports the community, making sure that everyone in the community is on the right track. I deeply appreciate his heightened ability to understand people’s feelings, which not only helps mentees in the HTC community but also helps many of the prospects who seek business solutions from him/his organization. He is a very dedicated and deeply kind person. I recommend him as a great business negotiator, a dedicated leader and a brilliant problem solver.”

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