Dependable Homebuyers Sells House in Towson, Maryland

A three bedroom and two bath single family home located in Towson, Maryland was sold to a local investor. The home is listed for $229,900 and includes 2 car parking space and a patio with the potential of expanding the property by adding an additional room on the back of the lot. This listing had been on the market for 21 days with no sales history. The property was inspected prior to closing and can be seen on their website.

The exterior of this home has a strong curb appeal with lush landscaping, well maintained exterior paint and roof. The interior is very bright and welcoming with spacious rooms including the modern chef's kitchen that has stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops, a breakfast bar and wood floors. There are 2 large bedrooms upstairs as well as a laundry room on the second floor. Downstairs buyers will find an additional bedroom, another bathroom, living room and garage to house cars. The home has a great layout with lots of natural light and beautiful hardwood floors. The backyard is perfect for entertaining friends and family, it even includes a fenced-in area for pets.

sell house in Towson

Dependable Homebuyers have the ability to purchase any home as-is, meaning Baltimore homeowners don't need to fix it up or update anything. They are also able to close quickly and allow for a quick move out of their property making them great for situations where homeowners want an easy transition from one residence into another with little effort on their end.

The housing market in Towson has been red hot lately but there are still properties that sit around without any offers coming through. If a seller chooses Dependable Homebuyers over going the route of using a traditional real estate broker then choosing us can be difficult because we offer several benefits not found anywhere else such as being able see our work first hand before committing and having time flexibility when it comes down buying and selling a property.

The best thing about using Dependable Homebuyers is that they buy all types of houses and properties in Towson, Maryland including: single-family homes, townhouses, multi-unit buildings/condos or apartment complexes with up to 15 units as well as vacant land lots. Those interested can visit their website for more info. They will not try to convince the Towson homeowner into doing anything unless selling their house is the right move.

Dependable Homebuyers is a leading home sale company with the most reliable and honest approach to buying houses in Towson, Maryland. Unlike other companies, they don't charge any commission fees for themselves or have to pay closing costs on top of that. This means no more worries about additional expenses when considering selling a house. Their offers are guaranteed and there isn't anything else like it out there- not even close.

For Towson homeowners looking to sell their home, there is always the risk of a deal falling through before it can be closed. Typically 15% of deals fall through for one reason or another- which often results in increased hassle and frustration from both parties involved. Today's real estate market presents even more challenges as people are faced with new regulations on appraisals that need to take place when sell a property to an investor like Dependable Homebuyers who has established themselves as experts at closing transactions quickly and efficiently by avoiding lengthy delays associated with traditional methods. With no chance of delay, buyers should rest assured they will receive quick access to financing so they don't have any worries about whether or not this investment meets all criteria necessary for approval.

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