Dependable Homebuyers Publishes Webpage to Educate Homeowners With Inherited Properties

Dependable Homebuyers, a we buy houses company that purchases properties nationally, has added a new page to their website to address homeowners who are looking to sell their inherited properties. These home may be in probate or the title may be in the name of the new owners. Dependable Homebuyers can purchase the home no matter the situation.

This new webpage explains how to assess one’s options, understanding the tax implications of selling an inherited property, how to prepare the home for a cash offer, and why Dependable Homebuyers is a great team to work with in an inherited house situation.

sell an inherited house fast

Amid the grief of a loved one dying, an individual may find out that they have inherited a property—perhaps the home where the deceased once lived. Knowing what to do is hardly an easy question to answer when they are still grieving over their loved one.

“Making the decision about what to do with an inherited house is a challenge on multiple levels,” says a spokesperson. “There are a lot of financial, legal, and technical issues to consider during a particularly difficult time.”

This might sound unconventional, but there are cases where taxes and liens on a property, combined with the outstanding mortgage and taxes, mean there isn't enough money in the deceased's life insurance policy or savings and investments to cover the difference. That means that the inheritor, as heir, is responsible for paying those debts, and to do so before the house is theirs. They could wind up actually owing more money on the property they inherited than it is worth. Homeowners can read more about the home selling process at

If the person finds out that's the case, they do have a handy option b: They can bow out and let the executor handle the creditors. If there is any equity left in the property after the creditors then selling the house to Dependable Homebuyers is a quick and stress free way to cash out.

If the property has not been well-maintained—as is often the case with inherited homes—it may behoove the owners to skip the repairs and sell the property as-is.

A real estate agent or contractor can help ballpark the costs to paint the house, update the kitchen, and other necessary repairs. If the costs of these repairs outweigh the value of the home then an as-is sale to an investor is ideal.

Dependable Homebuyers specializes in helping newly inherited homeowners navigate the process of selling homes in probate. Their level of expertise makes the inherited property selling process quick and easy. Whether it is negotiating with multiple family members or working with the local city office when it comes to liens, the professionals at Dependable Homebuyers are here to help.

Their mission here has always been to make this process as simple and as straightforward as possible for those already dealing with plenty of other stress, pressure, and challenging emotions. They do their best to give the top cash offer possible, without any middlemen, without any delay, and without any surprises throughout the home sale process.

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